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How to Choose the Best Software Development Company in 2019?

Software is ubiquitous now. Smart alarm clocks wake us up in the morning, YouTube bloggers teach us how to cook a perfect omelet, Uber helps to get to the office, e-commerce companies allow us to check the delivery of goods within a logistics app, even fridges and ovens can be preset distantly! Really, the software market is huge.

But, is it possible to run a successful business without using software applications? No, it’s not; unless you have a company fully focused on small offline deals (e.g. a village shop). Thus, it’s only natural that you want to find a team which will create perfect software for your business needs.

Key Recommendations on Choosing a Developer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a custom development company or a vendor of ready-made software, you should still follow a few simple rules. They can save you tons of money, time, and nerves because they are derived from the experience and mistakes of other businesses.

1. Price: Don’t Opt for the Cheapest Offer

The market laws are similar for each sector including software development. Roughly speaking, getting a software application is like buying new headphones. When you purchase the cheapest ones, they will break in a few weeks. As a result, you should spend more money to get a new product. The same is true for software. When you cooperate with a team which offers low rates, expect to spend extra money later.

Usually, it’s worth paying a higher initial cost to get a full package of services, which might include:

  • Business analysis
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Staff training
  • Customer support
  • Tech maintenance

As a result, the extra costs will be greatly reduced. This is not the case with the offers from companies which provide development and deployment only.

2. Creation: Ensure Flexibility and Interaction

Sticking to the idea of cost efficiency, we’d recommend to cooperate with the teams that are open for feedback, discussions, and changes. Get initial consultations to agree on terms and conditions, so you will be sure that the chosen company understands your requirements and is ready to work with your employees.

Precisely, we can suggest looking for developers who organize their work using Agile techniques. This approach features several iterations of development each of which takes one or two weeks. During each sprint, the team focuses on current development tasks, collect feedback and accommodate the product to new requirements.

Another useful solution that the team may offer is MVP. This is a type of software which includes only basic functionality and, respectively, costs less than a full-featured final version. Using an MVP, you can test how the specific application will work with your current business processes.

3. Reputation: Check Reviews

It may sound too obvious but you want to work with expert developers who know specific languages/frameworks, and deliver quality products. The Internet provides wonderful opportunities for checking the brand reputation. You can use special services like Clutch or focus on more widespread networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn to find reviews on developers, and the company itself. Local developer meetups and communities can be useful if you look for feedback on location-specific teams. Finally, each software development sector has dedicated sections in GitHub or industry-specific forums.

4. Bonus: Choose a Similar-Sized Company

Here’s a quick hint which can help in choosing among candidates. When you have several options, look at the size of each company. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to choose a company which is similar to yours when it comes to the number of employees, market share, and revenues. The catch is that larger corporations may not pay enough attention to your project while smaller ones can have a lack of experience.

Software Development Trends for 2019

Finally, we want to mention a few industry trends, which should also help you find a dedicated development team. The idea is simple: since the leading developers always keep up with innovations, you can easily spot the expert teams by their products based on new technologies. Plus, your own company can benefit from modern approaches as they ensure a competitive advantage over the market rivals.

Thus, the 2019 development trends are as follows:

  • AI. Artificial intelligence isn’t about human-like robots yet. It is now focused on smart solutions, machine learning, big data processing, and predictive analysis. AI systems are great at performing routine tasks and handling reports or market forecasts.
  • AR/VR. Despite its decreasing popularity, the idea of mixed reality remains promising for businesses. AR may be useful in medical science and architecture, while VR is popular among entertainment businesses.
  • Blockchain. Well, it has been a buzzword in recent years. Blockchain is all about independent decentralized systems. With blockchain, you can build nearly any product, which will be safer and more transparent than its alternatives.
  • IoT. Internet of Things follows the idea of smart devices being connected to the Internet and to each other. By 2025, there will be 75.44 billion IoT devices worldwide, so you can still jump on the bandwagon.
  • PWA. Progressive web applications combine the features of native apps and web versions of services. They are based on a specific script, which loads way faster than traditional applications and has an easier structure.

Keep in mind the listed points and previously mentioned tips when looking for a software developer. These simple suggestions can help you cut costs related to software creation, deployment, and maintenance greatly. And follow the golden rule: the best developer is one which can create a product according to your requirements. So, always know what exactly you need.

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