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How not to Drown in the Metrics Sea. Spreadsheet as Lifeboat

Tracking your company’s reach, creating and following your posting schedule, allocating funds on ads, and living at the same time might seem impossible to do at once. But, is it really so?

Tracking your company’s reach, creating and following your posting schedule, allocating funds on ads, and living at the same time might seem impossible to do at once. But, is it really so?

Solution on How to Handle Your SMM Campaign

I assure you that one person can handle all the aforementioned tasks successfully and stress-free by means of the electronic “organizer”. If you are already curious, we highly recommend taking a beginner’s guide to getting started on Excel.

Essential Metrics to Track

1.  Social media metrics dashboard

In terms of reach and engagement, you should definitely make a separate dashboard and create about 5 columns there. They will be “date”, “title of the post”, “link”, “day 1 traffic”, “day 7 traffic” and “month 1 traffic” columns. This way you will clearly see the number of visitors and views. The last three columns show the comparison between the reach of different posts. See for yourself what topics are most relevant and which ones you should “feed” people more often than others.

Spreadsheets enable you to visualize and add some volume to your dry numbers by means of graphs and histograms. We highly recommend using this option because you will actually see your progress. Conversely, once you’ve noticed a plunge in your reach or views, you will know for sure what exactly caused it.

2. Social media marketing baselines

Another dashboard you should make is a comment-click-like-and-share one. The thing is, social media require this type of engagement to put your accounts on top. Besides, the board shows what social media work best for you, especially if you are a newbie in SMM. Prioritizing and opting for the most efficient solutions are the keys to your winning social media marketing strategy.

3. Posting Schedule

Spreadsheets also help you in creating and filling in your posting schedule. The audience loves consistency. There is a fine line you don’t want to cross: if you post too much, people get bored of you; and if you post too little, they simply forget about your existence. What drawback will you cause in this case? You’ve guessed it, the audience losses. You got what I meant.

4. Marketing Budget Spreadsheet

Now, let’s talk a bit about ads. It’s clear that in order to promote your brand and get more customers, you need to be known. In order to do it properly, never mess with bad-timing advertising. All you need to do in order to avoid that is to keep a clear record of your ads and make a plan. Choose bloggers who might have the audience you need and add them to your “wish-list” in spreadsheets. It’s also called social media listening.

5. Quotes to share

Last but not least, spend some time making a list of inspirational and motivational quotes. Keep this list seen and choose one most suitable quote at a time. You think it’s a trifle? My friend, you will only understand why you need them so badly if you try adding one to your posts for at least a month.

Quotes might be extremely useful and give you food for thought when you have no ideas what to write about at all. One quote can be developed into a whole topic for discussion.

Why Should You Keep an Eye on Metrics

This simple checklist will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your SMM campaign. It is worthy of note that marketing in social media, though tied to the involvement of the audience, ultimately has to solve specific business problems. And this is, most often, an increase in your company profits.

Obviously, even with all these methods, it is not always possible to track the source of the purchase with 100% accuracy, but at least you should strive for this. Conduct cohort analysis, make retrospectives, always analyze the audience and its behaviour.

SMM is all about numbers. The result of the activity in social media is always visible only after months of hard work, but in the end, it can always be measured.

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Lead Editor at Spreadsheeto, Denmark. My job is my hobby. I am writing guides on VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Macros, etc. At my leisure, I enjoy travelling, hiking, and reading.

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