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How Data Centers are More Secure with DCIM Software


Did you know that public clouds are considered more secure by organizations than their on-premises environments? Nearly 88% of organizations were using public cloud infrastructure services in 2020, according to a report published by Oracle. It further states that almost thrice as many IT professional s were anxious about the security of company financials and intellectual property than the safety of their family and house. As highlighted by the report, data center security is crucial for protecting the interests of both companies and their customers.

That is why data center managers adhere to the strictest security compliance regulations and ensure proper and timely maintenance of the centers. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software helps them in not only efficiently managing the data center assets, the cabling, and power, but they are also instrumental in securing the data center from both external and internal threats while adhering to security compliance.

Security Features of DCIM Software

For those who are managing an enterprise location or a colocation data center, here are five important features of DCIM software that protect your and your customers’ assets:

Comply with Regulations

Modern data center experts are aware of the continuous exposure to physical and informational security threats from both external and internal sources. They are facing several security management issues and have to comply with increasingly stringent company requirements and industry regulations. DCIM software ensures the highest level of security and allows them to address these challenges of modern data centers, say the experts at Sunbird. They can conveniently keep up with the latest regulations and still maintain uptime, drive efficiency, and do much more.

Reduce Complexity

DCIM software provides a single, centralized system that ensures transparent and high-visibility data center access management. You can manage access to all areas of your data center and keep track of the personnel movement with real-time reporting and surveillance feeds. You can also use role-based granular permissions to prohibit access to company data and assets. It helps in avoiding any complications and minimizes the risk of security threats, human errors, and eliminates manually tracking access requests.

Audit Reports

Besides role-based permissions, you can easily keep a track of each user’s changes and monitor who changed what and when. In the event of a security breach, you can see who accessed different areas or devices in your data center to understand the cause of the breach and prevent future events. DCIM software will give you access to the history of all deletes, inserts, and updates within the time frame selected.

Prompt Configuration and Firmware Updates

With DCIM software, you can make changes to the configuration of your devices in bulk. You don’t have to manually log in to each PDU and easily change or update SNMP settings, including authentication, and administrator credentials on different devices from one dashboard.

Manage Security Cameras

Another major benefit of DCIM software is that it provides enhanced protection to the physical data center room (and/or buildings). You can access surveillance cameras and video management and recording platforms at all times and monitor multiple areas or sites remotely through the software itself.

There were 32,002 security incidents with 3,950 confirmed data breaches in 2020, according to Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report published by The Center for Internet Security. This report shows that almost 70% of the breaches were caused by external factors. It also predicts that phishing and stolen credentials will continue in the future as organizations are moving to SaaS applications.

It is extremely important to protect data centers from the growing threats. That is why data center managers are relying on DCIM software to improve security management and monitoring and provide safeguarding against any intrusions.

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