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Hosted PBX- A Renaissance

Our generation has been progressing at a speed which is relentless. The pace of our progress has been breathtaking and the amount of innovations being done have been unmatchable. One such technology is hosted PBX. Some may take it to be a nascent technology but behind the picture it has been aiding corporations. Most of the organizations have taken to this amazing technology and have found a very helpful companion. For SMBs it has been a god send object as it provides them with cutting edge technology at the rate of peanuts.


Many SMBs have established themselves as the powerhouse because of the PBX boon. Are you one of them, remains to be seen?

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX [Private Branch Exchange] is the most recent advancement of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. The main objective of this technology is to take forward the legacy of evolving into cloud hosted internet based telephony from the PSTN wire based one. It is one of the fastest growing idea today and is taking the communication world by storm.

It can be termed as a cloud PBX or a virtual PBX which is under the sole jurisdiction of your VoIP service provider.

What makes Hosted PBX a must have?

1. Emergence of Virtual Offices:

  • Hosted PBX lets you enable the concept of anytime, anywhere access to the last detail of it. When you have a hosted PBX you are connected to your office even if you are holidaying in Bahamas. Let that Mojito sink in!
  • Hosted PBX is the epitome of flexibility. The amount of flexibility offered in this technology can be likened to a gymnast. You can take the call anywhere. Add or remove features anytime you want. Man that is something!
  • The only reason for not rejoicing is you might never have a day off.

2. IT can take a rest now:

  • Taking up the hosted PBX will give the IT team a much needed rest.
  • Do whatever you want to do with your connection i.e. add, delete or modify the features.
  • It is as easy as clicking a button. That’s no rocket-science, is it?
  • Additionally, your service provider’s IT department will take care of any troubleshooting operations or system failures if and when they come.

3. Keeps the telephones away from burning a hole in your pocket

  • If you want to save those thousands of bucks you needlessly spend on your telephone bills. Hosted PBX is the right solution.
  • After getting your hands on the VoIP enabled phone and an internet connection, you can forget your wallet for good. PS: For a month at least.
  • You won’€™t need to go out of the way and buy new machinery or equipment. Even your legacy hardware can be transformed into virtual telephony systems.
  • It gives you additional cash to spend on some other operations and make the most out of the lmited available resources..

4. Plethora of Features:

  1. Auto attendant
  2. Music on hold
  3. Voice messaging
  4. Call queuing
  5. Call forwarding
  6. Caller-ID
  7. Voicemail/FAX to e-mail
  8. IVR [Interactive Voice Response]

5. Grow As You Want:

  • Want to scale up your business to meet up the growing customer needs or want to shift the operations to an off-shore location, do all this with the amazing technology of hosted PBX and go on your merry way.
  • Extensions can be readily added and features/services are subject to customization according to your business needs.

6. Crisis, What Crisis?

  • Once you employ hosted PBX you can strike off the word crisis from your dictionary.
  • It would be fair to say that in this model your regular calls to the IT department would become redundant and the support would be rendered useless.
  • No calls would be missed and you would be connected to your office whatever may be the conditions. So no loss of business. Yay!

7. Additional Perks:

  1. Seamless easy-to-use platform.
  2. When it comes to choosing endpoints, open standards provide users with an array of options to choose from.
  3. An interface your grandma could use.

The technology of Hosted PBX has been the juggernaut not many expected it to be. With its successful integration companies have punched above its weight and will continue to do so.

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