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Eco-Friendly Materials are Setting New Trends in Men’s Wedding Band Fashion

When it comes to wedding bands, even a layperson can tell you that gold, silver, and platinum must be the obvious choices as far as the material construction is concerned. Yes, it is quite true, but with increasing environmental concerns, the focus has shifted from mining, precious metals to more environmentally friendly metals and processes.

There is increased awareness regarding mining, extraction, and processing of gold and silver concerning the pollution effect. In addition, the precious metal industry regularly uses and generates tons of toxic waste, including cyanide and other hazardous chemicals. So, it is small wonder that all such concerns have forced humans to look into alternate options for jewelry and accessories.

If you are looking for wedding bands, you should consider the following alternatives: gold, silver, and platinum. For more information, please visit the website since 2007.

Cobalt-Chrome wedding bands

If platinum is the costliest available option out there, then cobalt-chrome is on the other end of the spectrum. However, cobalt chrome is the perfect cost-effective alternative to platinum. Not only is it comparable in looks, but it is also an exceptionally environment-friendly option. Cobalt-chromium is an amalgamation of 50% Cobalt, 20% Chromium, 15% Tungsten, and 10% Nickel. Cobalt chrome is a highly lustrous metal and matches platinum in its reflective property index. Moreover, the amalgamation yields a very soft yet durable material perfect for wedding bands while maintaining structural integrity for years to come.

Tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten wedding bands are slowly but surely making their presence felt. It is a trendy alternative to the traditional platinum, silver, and gold bands. A significant part of the fashion industry was always the experimental side, and there are plenty of takers for this style. In addition, the price of traditional jewelry has been on a constant rise over the past decade, and therefore it is quite natural that people will look towards affordable options.

Tungsten is an industrial metal, and therefore it is exceptionally sturdy. Mainly tungsten is used to make precision tools and dice. However, modern technology has allowed the crafting of exquisite jewelry pieces and wedding bands of tungsten. Tungsten carbide, a form of tungsten mixed with carbon, is in a league of its own when it comes to the sheen and reflective properties.

Titanium wedding bands

Titanium wedding bands are quite a new entry into the fashion scene, but it is a fast-growing trend. Titanium is lightweight, durable, affordable, and highly comfortable to wear. Titanium is cheaper than other precious metals, and yet they look not only stylish but gorgeous. In addition, titanium is easy to clean and is very durable. So, you can maintain a titanium wedding band with minimal care.

Are you looking for intricate design elements or hues? Titanium wedding bands can be made colorful by the process of anodization. With the ability to customize, you can add design elements to your titanium wedding band based on your preference or style statement.

If you are looking for wedding bands, then keep in mind the alternate environment and budget-friendly options. All the best!

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