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Citrus Zinger: A Review

For those who endeavour to lead a healthier lifestyle by consuming the recommended 1.2 litres of water, Citrus Zinger should be given a try. Specifically, 1.2 litres of water is approximately equal to six glasses of 150ml to 200ml capacity glass cups which, more often than not, tends to be too much for those who do not like the taste of water. Little wonder, no matter how hard these group of people try to keep up a habit of consuming this amount of water, they eventually fail.

Why Citrus Zinger?

citrus fruits

The main idea behind Citrus Zinger is the ability to add a little flavour to your water by adding juices from citrus fruits. It is specially designed in a way that you can squeeze any citrus fruit in your water and take it along with you anywhere. Furthermore, the portability of Citrus Zinger allow users to keep it with them for incessant access to flavoured water.

Citrus Zinger Design

The Citrus Zinger bottle has an old but efficient twisty juicer press at the bottom which can be detached easily. The upper end of this bottle has a cap with a little hole to assure easy carrying around. It is particularly designed for easy cleaning and reuse. With the capacity to hold up to 28 oz of liquid, the bottle is cleverly designed to effortlessly infuse citrus fruits.

For those who are interested, the Citrus Zinger’s plastic bottle is made in the US. Its BPA/EA- free Tritan plastic is famous for being dishwasher-safe and durable. Therefore, it can visit your dishwasher and come out without being cloudy or faded as well as having the tendency to hold carbonated water without any alteration in its clear plastic pigments.

In addition, the Citrus Zinger comes in four main parts which include the following:

  • The clear plastic bottle
  • Base cup
  • Citrus press
  • Lid

You will also find a detailed leaflet within your transparent Citrus Zinger bottle.

How to Use the Citrus Zinger

citrus zinger steps

Citrus Zinger is very easy to use. All you need to do is detach the cup at the bottom and turn over the bottle to rest on its cap. Then, take a citrus fruit and press it half into the reamer to let its juice flow into the bottle, as shown in the above image. Following this step, you should fix the cup back in its place and flip the bottle again to its original position. Now, put water in from the top and enjoy your personalised flavoured water all day long.

Main Features of Citrus Zinger

In addition to some of the features already described in this article, the Citrus Zinger has following key characteristics:

  • An easy way to introduce ice in your drink through wide-bottom opening
  • Easy to carry due to the finger hole in its cap
  • Removable citrus press which makes it easy to clean
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty for any mechanical defects
  • Made in USA

Citrus Zinger Pros

  • It provides fresh and vitamins -enriched water
  • Bottle comes in various shades and colours to suite your taste
  • Drinking water becomes fun for your taste buds through added flavours

Citrus Zinger Cons

  • Users have to be light-handed so as not to apply too much pressure that can break the plastic
  • Its popularity means that one must remain weary of low-quality or counterfeit product copies

It is important to note that the cons listed above are not necessarily disadvantages of the product as buyers always have to remain conscious of the original product and usage policy. Therefore, overall, the Citrus Zinger could be an exciting and healthy addition to your life routine.

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