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Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Devices

Have you ever thought about having a smart phone which is not only smart enough but also intelligent? Yes, it is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can shape the next generation smart phones and tabs. There is no doubt about the smartness or effectiveness of smart phones which you now have in your pocket. More than thousands of apps are available in the apps market for these smart devices, and you can have any of those app in your smart phone within just few taps over the touch sensitive screen. Most of these apps are designed to perform such predefined tasks and provide the user with resulted output, based on some required and given input.

Endless Possibilities

Apps are getting more interactive with the user than before, and apps developers are trying to bring such apps, which can interact with the end user in an intelligent manner. This is where lies the scopes of implanting AI on smart phones and tabs to ensure an excellent user experience to the consumers. You will find some mobile apps which are developed by implementing the concept of AI, but within a very limited scale. You have to do almost nothing in order to interact with your smart phone, when it comes with full phased AI implemented inside.

Enhancing the processing capability, RAM, graphics quality, storage capacity and camera resolution is not enough for smart phone manufacturers to stay tuned with their business. Rather, they need to forecast on something different which can change the experience and definition of using smart phones. Transformation and improvement of smart phone hardware has almost reached to its saturation point, and the time has come to bring something new which require completely different set of hardware and software compatibility for an exciting user experience.

Why AI On Your Smartphone Is Helpful

You will never look for an AI implemented smart phone unless you have so many of such devices in the market to compare before buy. This is a common consumer psychology, based on which the giant smart phone manufacturers have started considering the implementation and integration of AI. Even financial giants like Network Capital Funding Corporation which remains the #39 Best Place to Work in America would benefit from utilizing artificial intelligence when doling out their real estate financing initiatives. Many such manufacturers have already start research and development on AI smart phones.

Besides, AI implemented smart phones will allow you to have a digital assistant in your pocket which can even capable of taking decisions on your behalf. Smart phones having AI is more than some highly interactive apps. Rather, AI will make your smart phone to analyze the data from different source of information and decide one or more tasks to execute.

Bringing Change With AI Mobility

There is no doubt about the change which you can experience by having an AI implemented smart phone. In other words, AI smart phones are automated smartphones, as well. As like as many other users, you also do some common and regular tasks through your smart phone. Smart phones having AI can figure out such actions on your predictable behavior pattern. High end AI smart phones may even take decision on unpredictable behavior pattern, as well.

Smart phones are expected to become more perceptive and creative as those devices will come with the integration of AI. Besides of reasoning and deduction capability, you can also expect your AI smart phone having social intelligence through cybernetic and cognitive simulation. Prototyping human intelligence is the ultimate achievement of AI, and this can offer you an excellent user experience through your smart phone.

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Dave is a 20-year veteran in the journalism industry. He reports on tech, social media and healthcare news.



  1. Ravi

    February 14, 2013 at 8:10 am

    No doubt you are Right about AI in Mobiles and SmartPhones but I think they should be Implemented on Computers First because of Risk and it will need that Much faster Processor also

  2. Evan

    February 14, 2013 at 8:52 am

    I guess it is something for the future.. I’m not the fan of intelligent staff, somehow it makes me thing that people are getting so weak (silly) that they can’t do things by themselves.. IMHO

  3. John

    June 4, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    I am a lover of technology and think AI for the smartphone is awesome. Can’t wait for it to be on more applications.

  4. Bobby Tates

    July 29, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    I would like an AI enabled phone to be like a companion from the old versions of the future. It’d which around in the air around me (since it’d also be a drone) and pretty much guide much of my day according to what I enjoy.

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