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7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your CBD Company

When you start a company, you cater to the customer in the time and circumstances that you’re in. As time moves on, things change

When you start a company, you cater to the customer in the time and circumstances that you’re in. As time moves on, things change, consumer psychology shifts, etc., you have to make changes to keep up. Even if you’ve been keeping up with the changing times, it sometimes comes time to revamp what you’ve been doing, shake things up, and start fresh. Whether your CBD company has been around for a while and it’s time to make a change, or you’ve recently launched but don’t like how you started and need to completely revamp, below are a few ways that you can go about doing that.

Change Your Mission/Goals

Your company’s mission or goals are what drives it and influence many aspects of the business from the way you market a to the products you stock and sell. If you want to revamp your CBD company, then you could simply change your mission and goals and shift your business operations accordingly. Changing your mission and goals is something you should only do after careful consideration, though. Especially if you have an established, loyal customer base.

Customers often choose companies not only because they like their products but because they feel that their values are aligned. When changing your mission and goals, it’s important to communicate well about the changes before they are made in order to avoid losing too many customers because of confusion or frustration.

Give Yourself a Fresh New Look

Sometimes a good makeover is all you need to feel refreshed, and if you’re feeling like you want a change for your company, then maybe all it needs it a little figurative makeup and a haircut. Instead of trying to overhaul everything from processes to products try a new look on your website and an update in logo and color scheme. Those simple changes in appearance can make more of a difference than you might expect.

Become More Vocal and Get More Social

If you’re fairly satisfied with your company the way it is and are only considering revamping because you aren’t getting the attention and amount of business you would like to, you may not need to do a full revamp of the company after all. Instead, try getting more vocal and more social. Be more active on social media, talk about CBD benefits, ask questions, engage your customer base. You can become more vocal in your industry as well and speak out in favor of changing laws, supporting those suffering from chronic conditions, etc.

As you get more involved and become better-known, you’ll attract more customers. This can affect the overall feel of your business and give you the revamp you’re looking for without having to overhaul the entire company.

Launch a New Product or Line

If you’ve been focusing on products that use CBD for pain relief, then you may want to consider introducing a line of CBD products that offer benefits other than relief from pain. For example, you could introduce a line of products to help with sleep and help boost energy. Or you could introduce a line of pre-made foods such as cookies, teas, and coffees that include CBD in them. You don’t have to start over on your products or your business, but by introducing a new line, you can give it a boost and add to your customer base.

Volunteer or Start Your Own Initiative

Consumers love companies that give back. The idea that they can purchase products they love from a company that is working to do some good in the world is hard to resist, so volunteering time and money for good causes or starting your own initiative is a great way to revamp your company image without having to start from scratch. Whether you donate products to cancer patients, spend time helping children in foster care, compost and use it on your own farm, or start or give to any other good cause, you will start to change your business and the way it’s viewed.

Re-evaluate Your Ideal Customer

You may want customers who are using CBD for pain relief, but the potential CBD customer base expands far beyond just those in pain. Sitting down and really looking into who your ideal customer is and how you can reach them is a great way to revamp your company. By taking a good hard look at your ideal customer, you’ll get to know them better and decide whether or not you were targeting the right type of person in the first place. When you have the right target market, things can really start to change for your company.

Get Celebs and Influencers Involved

The public perception of your company plays a big role in how well it does and what kind of attention it gets, and while you can work hard to control the narrative, it doesn’t hurt to get some extra help. By getting influencers or celebrity spokespeople involved, you can revamp your company by changing or adding to the public perception and drawing in another crowd that you may not have had before. There are a number of celebrities who endorse CBD and plenty of other influencers who love CBD products too.

Whether you’ve just started your company and want to revamp to hone in on your target market or have been in business for a while and feel the need for a change, there are a number of things that you can do to revamp your CBD company, some of which can be done without overhauling the entire thing. From changing your mission to getting a celebrity endorsement, making the right move can help you get your company where you want it to be.

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My name is Sherrie Campbell, I am an author, Ph.D. holder, living in California USA. I'm a blogger for the Huffington Post, a weekly contributor for Entrepreneur and licensed Psychologist with over nineteen years of clinical training and experience.

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