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7 Apps to Entertain You During Your Leisure Time

Tired with every day’s busy life, we all want some kind of fun and relaxation. There are different modes of fun and relaxation. Some go to the ground with the football, others watch television and some just want to sit and relax. While you are sitting and relaxing, why don’t you download these apps listed below and make your “me time”, “my fun time”!

#1. Mods For Minecraft Game (Unofficial)

mods for minecraft

If you love to play the Minecraft game, you will be over excited to see these mods. These mods are very helpful while playing Minecraft. If you want to do different mods in the game, download these mods and see your game getting easier and much more interesting. Change your normal Minecraft game into a game with everlasting fun and joy by downloading Mods for Minecraft.


  • Many different mods

  • Continuous guidance

  • Calculator


So, do not wait for anything else, just download this app to make your Minecraft game much more fun.

#2. Call Voice Changer

call voice

This is one of the most funniest apps ever. If you are in a mood of having fun with your friends over phone calls, then this app is most entertaining. You can change your voice and add crazy sounds to it. This app is the ultimate app to make absolutely funny phone calls. You can mold your voice in different ways. You can make your sound deep, creepy and funny just with the touch of a button.

When you download it for the first time, get a gift of free minutes for a limited time. While using it, you will fall in love with the app.


  • You can make phone calls funny, crazy and also increase the pitch of your voice.

  • You can change the sound effects even during the call.

  • You can also play different types of crazy sounds like dog barking, siren, going and many other different crazy sounds.

It’s a good way to pass your boring times and make them fun and crazy.

#3. Strawberry Shortcake Card Maker Dress Up


This is a really good dress-up app. Children will love to play with this app for hours, dressing up Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. You can mix and match fresh, fruity outfits and other accessories. Another option is to take a photo and design it with custom messages, stickers and frames.


  • Make the characters wear exceptionally cute shoes, shirts, dresses and skirts.

  • Unlock different backgrounds, frames and fruitilicious hairstyles.

  • Write sweet messages and you can even add text bubbles.

  • Easy for kids of any age level.

This is a really cute app for kids. Download it and watch your kids becoming the cutest fashion designers.

#4. 10,500+ Cool Facts

cool fact

If you really want to waste time, there is no other better way to waste time by learning some cool new facts. You just need to shake the iPhone or iPad to go to the next fact. You can also swipe the screen left and right to move to the next or previous fact. There are more than thousand facts that you can know from this cool app and waste your time in a better way.

So, download the app and enjoy your free time in a better way.

#5. Barbie Life


Barbie is an all time favorite for all the little girls. Even when we grow big, we can’t forget the memories of Barbie. In this app, you can watch different videos of Barbie, create your own Barbie video and do anything like join the squad, enjoy the fun adventure of Barbie and lot more.

So, download this app join the Barbie group and enjoy with them.


  • Barbie Wallpapers

  • Barbie Songs

  • Barbie Movies

  • Barbie videos

#6. Daily Fortune Free

baby boomer

It’s a real fun app which can tell your fortune just with your finger prints. What you need to do is, scan your finger prints, choose your zodiac sign and get to know your daily fortune. The best part is, it’s all for free. You will be surprised to see that how accurately it relates to you.

Mindfully listen to it and you can see your whole world change at once. It is a good way to pass your time and be refreshed.

#7. Glow Draw!

glow draw

If you are sitting down and getting bored, then here is a great app to pass your time and enjoy. Do you like to draw? If yes, then download this app and enjoy a new level of drawing and art. These drawings will glow and give you an amazing feeling.

Drawing is much more fun when it glows. So, download this app and enjoy it.

These are some apps which will always keep you entertained and fresh all throughout the day. Download these apps, and you will never be bored again from the next time.

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Eva Green is passionate about new technologies, gadgets, mobile, apps, 3D Printers. Here passion is sharing user experiences, reviews for difference gadgets, ecommerce sites and mobile, iPhone, android apps. She is very much tech savvy so ask here anything related to latest gadgets, websites, mobile apps.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom

    July 6, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    Call Voice Changer is the best app for me, I use it everyday to make me and my friends laugh 😉

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