Influential Ways in which Cloud Computing is Changing the World

Enterprises are radically integrating cloud technology, the capacity to access distributed system storage and processing abilities. A poll performed in the year 2016 shows that near about forty-one per cent of surveyed businesses are planning to increase their investment in cloud technology. Giant enterprises are literally jumping on a particular trend even faster than the small scale business enterprises. Nearly 51% of the substantial and mid-scaled enterprises are planning to boost their investment in cloud technology compared to nearly thirty-five per cent of the small-scale enterprises.

Why all the interest in the cloud? Cloud technology can improve operations and customer support while saving on costs and enabling employees to work remotely. The economics and convenience of cloud computing is the main reason why 64% of surveyed companies said they would use an increased budget for cloud computing services.

Improve Operations

The best part is that cloud technology significantly enables enterprises to scale their system/ computer solutions they generate. The days when predicting the number of servers to purchase is long gone. Nowadays, literally no individual has to hide the servers or buy much space in order to boost growth. Instead, enterprises can now simply modify their usage with cloud technology providers.

Most cloud service providers allot more charges and space more than ever before. However, if a company has a decreasing need for computing resources, the company can also reduce their usage. The cloud technology scales with the computing needs of the business. You can check out the world-class cloud services available at

For larger businesses, cloud technology is opening up a whole host of new applications. Toyota is leveraging the cloud to transform the car into a “connected platform,” according to Business Insider. The car company uses Microsoft Azure to host apps that connect the car to Facebook or reward “eco-points” for using an electric vehicle. These apps, made possible by the cloud, are a great added value for customers.

Support Customers More Effectively

Not only does the cloud allow companies to create more valuable apps for customers, but it also enables better customer support. The days of a single person manning a telephone from nine to five are gone. Customers want answers and the ability to purchase products at all times of the day. The cloud makes this possible. Employees across the world can access the same information and services to support customers at any time of the day.

The cloud provides a flexible system that connects customers and employees via a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. Cloud technology offers a highly flexible mechanism that offers an excellent that helps you effectively link employees and customers through desktop computers, laptops or even mobile devices.

The cloud technology along with that as well makes it simpler to share and communicate intricate information with customers. The high-bandwidth information that customers crave for instance how-to videos is a service now available that small-scale enterprises can offer.

Hosting certain videos or other information is simple as the progression of the cloud services to offer higher bandwidth. Even the small-scale enterprises can wow their consumers along with high-quality web content. So, its time you pay heed to this leeway as well.

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