Working Remotely? Why You No Longer Need an Extra Phone Bill to Function Effectively  

To understand how you can work remotely without the need for an extra phone bill, it is important to grasp what we mean by a ‘cloud’. In basic terms, a cloud is a solution or service that is delivered over the internet. Computing and telephone services are delivered using servers, databases, networks, software, storage, and intelligence to offer faster solutions and flexible resources. Cloud computing has revolutionised the workplace and is particularly useful when it comes to company phone systems.

Services such as hosted phone systems, like the Horizon phone system by Gamma, provide businesses with a wide variety of fixed and mobile telephone capabilities via a simple company web portal. Gone are the days of remote workers needing an extra phone contract and bill. Flexible, on-the-move, and out-of-office working has never been simpler thanks to hosted phone systems.

Here we look at the main benefits of a hosted telephone service:

Ideal for flexible working

With a hosted phone system that relies on a web portal, all you need is an internet connection. This means that employees can work remotely, anywhere around the world, and still be easily contactable. In 2019, many companies rely upon flexible and remote workers, and communication within businesses has never been easier. Take mobile twinning, for example, where you can transfer a current call from your office phone to your mobile phone – perfect for those last-minute calls you’d rather deal with on your commute. If your role requires you to be constantly contactable, you’ll never miss a call with hosted phone solutions. They can allocate a single phone number across multiple handsets, create call groups, and set up diversions and redirects.

Lower costs

A hosted telephone service means there’s no ongoing maintenance charges and minimal installation costs. In addition, because you don’t need multiple phone lines, your monthly costs will be cheaper, if not free. Very little equipment is needed, meaning you don’t require specialist engineers to get your phones working.

More security 

Although the idea of cloud computing can be daunting to some, particularly if you work remotely or independently, there is truly no need to be wary of its security. With a hosted phone service, your supplier is responsible for your security – your data is safer than it would be in your own hands! These services are highly proven and reliable and take the burden off your in-house IT team.

Extra features = increased productivity

One of the main benefits of a hosted phone system is the fact that you can get great new telephone features installed immediately. Third-party applications are upgraded as soon as they are developed and released, with plenty of optional integrations to choose from. Your business can truly achieve unified communication, which is particularly important if you have flexible and remote employees. Once you know your telephone system is in good hands, you can focus on what truly matters to your business and improve productivity.

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