5 Ways Tech has Transformed Self-Help-and-Health Management

The days when we would pay our doctor a visit simply because we have a cold are long gone. Of course, one big reason why is that, these days, the internet is a veritable repository of useful knowledge and advice on a wide range of matters related to health and wellbeing.

Hence, looking after ourselves might be easier than it ever has been. However, in what ways has the tech revolution especially engulfed self-help-and-health? Well, technology has done the following…

Fostered mindfulness

While you’ve probably heard of “mindfulness” on many occasions, whether you have made effective use of it is a different matter entirely. After all, if you have never purposefully practised mindfulness, you might be unsure where you are supposed to start.

Fortunately, you could be just an app download away from tapping into the benefits. Consider Headspace, which What Mobile credits with helping users to adopt a more optimistic mindset. Another app, Calm, can guide various users on taking up mindfulness.

Helped with body image issues

As quoted by Forbes, the Head of Content at Calm, Tamara Levitt, advocates meditation for helping people to overcome a negative body image. This is no small benefit, as a poor body image can hit the individual’s self-esteem and confidence and so lead to depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

However, meditation encouraged by the Calm app can strengthen “qualities of non-judgement, acceptance and self-compassion, which helps us challenge … negative thinking”.

Encouraged us to put our phones down

Sometimes, it’s easy to be suspicious of how consumer tech is affecting our self-health efforts. However, Levitt insists: “Our apps and phones aren’t actually the problem – it’s our relationships with them that need to be looked at.”

Nonetheless, Rose La Prarie, Head of Digital Wellbeing at Google’s Android, has noted how the free Shush feature of the mobile operating system can help users to disconnect – and, crucially, in a planned fashion – for the good of their mental health.

Allowed us to take online courses

There was once a time when taking a course with a university as prestigious as Yale or Stanford must have felt like it was only really a practical possibility for privately-educated young people whose families had deep pockets. However, such institutions are easier to get into these days…

No, they haven’t lowered their academic standards – they have simply started offering online courses which you can take to better yourself, as the Independent points out.

Enabled us to vape CBD oil

“What is CBD oil?” It would be understandable if you are wondering this. Cannabidiol, as CBD oil is otherwise known, is extracted from cannabis plants, albeit ones with low levels of THC, the psychoactive compound capable of making users high.

Hence, CBD is said not to produce psychoactive side effects; however, it can reportedly bring therapeutic effects. You can buy CBD oil as oral drops or as a vaping liquid, which you could take with a vaporiser like the Vapour2 PRO Series 7 CBD Vaporiser stocked by VSAVI.

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