Ace the Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot and let the World witness their Love Story

Spending some fun time with your loved ones just before your wedding can really help you relax and rejuvenate. Making it even more fun, pre-wedding couple shoots capture beautiful moments of togetherness in its best form. In fact, couple shoots can be done for numerous reasons including save-the-date, pre-wedding shoot or just to collect some cool snaps for the ultimate wedding album.

Let’s get you prepped up for a lovely couple shoot. Here are some pro-tips to ace your couple shoot and create the pre-wedding pictures of your dreams!

Create A Story

Couple shoot is much more than just going to a nice location, dressing up and striking poses while your photographer is taking snaps of every single one of them. Your couple shoot must tell a story. Best wedding photography services work with the client to find out their story and then choose a place or memory that they connect to. For instance, getting clicked at the place where the couple met for the first time, a favourite restaurant, college or more, all these bring some memories that are close to the couple. Working the couple shoot around the story brings life to the shoot and creates a series of pictures that the couple can relate to. Voila! A perfect moment is captured.

Remember, It Takes Time

Marriage is the start of a new life and all the anticipation, nervousness and not to forget the pressure from all preparations can really weigh upon the couple. Couple shoot should be a relaxing time and hence there’s absolutely no space for hurry. Like any other wedding photography shoot, give the couple time to relax and get acquainted with the surroundings so that they are comfortable during the shoot. One trick that the best wedding photography services always have up their sleeves is to have a small chit-chat with the couple during the shoot to understand them better and make them feel comfortable. Natural smiles are guaranteed!

Planning And Some More Planning

No one can ace couple shoot without planning. Simply walking to a location with random ideas never works. Planning for the perfect shot has to be done in two phases. The first is from the end of the photographer, drawing from his experience and using that to zero it down to some locations and props. Once this is done, comes the second part- discussing it with the couple. After all, they are going to be in the photograph which will be part of their wedding album. Discuss your ideas with the couple and take feedback. Focus on inclusion of props is a must. Not only do they give the couple something to do, but also effortlessly brightens-up the whole picture.

Choose A Serene Location

Streets are as crowded they can get. Getting a shoot done in a general public place does attract a lot of attention which not only becomes a distraction for the photographer but also is quietly uncomfortable for the couple. Going to quiet places is the best bet. Choose a location that will look natural but not attract a lot of attention so that the couple is comfortable and can be their best for every picture. Not saying that shooting in a bazaar is a bad idea, but some caution needs to be taken care of for the perfect shots.

Opt For Natural Poses

No doubt that you want the shot to look natural but remember, people seem to get extra camera sensitive especially when they are in focus. Studying the body language of the couple and then scripting the shoot works wonders. Additionally, some couples feel comfortable being affectionate in public while some are not a big fan of it. Forcing a pose on the couple may result in unnatural pictures and no one wants that! Discussing with the couple what they want is the best option. Capturing the couple in their comfort zone is simply priceless.

Couple shoot is always a great idea for getting some frame-worthy pictures of the bride and groom together before they embark on a new journey.

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