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The 6 SEO Tools that Every Digital Marketer Needs


Organizations will go out of their way to hire the best employees. Yet, no employee is perfect or immune to occasional failure. Humans are predisposed to exhaustion, mistakes and missed deadlines. It’s this undependability that is seeing automation replace workers in many industries.

It isn’t any different when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Leveraging the power of SEO tools can help you cut down the human resource needed to execute your digital marketing strategy while slashing your error rate. The following is a list of established and disruptive SEO tools that digital marketing teams will find useful.

1.  Google Search Console

There are several search engines in use today but in terms of popularity, reach and scale, Google Search is unparalleled. It’s by far the most widely used search engine on the Internet. Ergo, your SEO efforts should primarily be aimed at ensuring your website ranks high on Google Search results.

Google has made things a little easier for you by making available for free the Google Search Console. The console allows you to keep track of your website’s performance in search results. You can better understand how users see your site and make the changes needed to improve user engagement and page rank performance.

2.  Ahrefs

As a website crawler, Ahrefs is perhaps only second to Google. Its site audit feature identifies what sections and elements of your web pages require changing in order to improve your SEO ranking.

Perform keyword research, competitor research, and page rank tracking. You can even use Ahrefs to identify the backlinks on a competitor’s website then use that information as a starting point for your own link building strategy. In fact, Ahrefs has arguably the largest database of backlinks.

3.  SEMRush

SEMRush simplifies the process of keyword research and SEO competitor analysis. You can conduct an SEO audit of the site’s content, track social shares, identify potentially viable backlinks, sharpen landing pages and gauge the benefits of new keywords.

Find out the proportion of your site’s traffic that is paid and organic (if your paid SEO campaign is effective, the volume of organic traffic should eventually surpass and far exceed paid traffic). Overall, SEMRush is geared to making your content marketing technique better thus improving conversions.

4.  KWFinder

Google Search Console is a potent tool for keyword research. However, you can always benefit from getting a second opinion. KWFinder specializes in identifying long-tail keywords that don’t have much competition.

The keywords are put through a deep analysis of search results and backlinks. Once you apply the keyword to your website, KWFinder helps you track your page rank improvement while providing recommendations on what new long-tail keywords you could incorporate to boost your SEO performance even more.

5.  Moz

Moz was one of the oldest SEO tools. The fact that it has survived this long and is still hugely popular with internet marketers is a sign of its reliability and effectiveness. Moz has managed to keep up with the many changes to Google’s search algorithm over the years.

Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool that provides keyword recommendations and deep insights on page performance. The MozBar toolbar can be installed on your browser so you can see the metrics of your pages in real time. It even has a chat portal where you can ask questions if you run into problems using it.


SEO BUDDY is a fairly new tool. It isn’t as well-known as the more established ones like Ahrefs and Google Search Console. However, it has the potential to significantly disrupt the SEO tools market.

SEO BUDDY is a SaaS solution that improves the efficiency of digital marketing teams by giving method and structure to their SEO routine. It takes a more holistic approach to SEO by bringing together content strategy, backlink opportunity discovery and effective outreach campaign. You can sign up here for early access.

You don’t have to use SEO tools. Nevertheless, ignoring SEO tools will only hand the advantage to your competitors since most of them are likely already using them to make their digital marketing more efficient. For best results, determine what your overall digital marketing objectives are and choose the SEO tools that will be best positioned to help you achieve them.

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