8 Computer Science Trends that will Shape the Future

The computer world is at the verge of expansion and boom. New technologies are popping up every day- from IoT to Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence. These technology trends will shape the future by increasing efficiency, productivity and even security too.

So, we have listed some of the upcoming booming trends which you will see in computer science in the future:

1. Deep Learning

Machine Learning is one of the biggest trends in computer science right now. But, going further ahead of it will bring Deep Learning into the frame. Deep Learning is revolutionary in every sense which leaves Machine Learning far behind when it comes to accuracy and results. From Amazon’s GPUs to Tensor processing units of Google, these technologies are adopted in data centers. Image processing, video processing to audio recognition- all are highly dependent on deep learning nowadays to get accurate results. Moreover, anyone can get knowledge about this concept by reading books like “Deep Learning: A Practitioner’s Approach” and grab them by available Amazon Upcoming Sale.

2. Cryptocurrency

From Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple to Litecoin, these are the trending currencies for better and secret transactions. And, in the coming times, this will be the widely adopted medium to transact and trade. It basically increases security in all the transaction and there is no third party in the transaction like banks. Also, the trade in cryptocurrency or the digital currencies will boom the industries like cloud computing, Internet of Things and other cutting edge technologies.

3. Cybersecurity and AI

Good news is that many trends will come and go but cybersecurity will never get old. The exponential increment in the PCs, laptops, mobiles and other machines have raised the threat of hacking and other malicious activities. That’s where cybersecurity sits tight and keep an eye on these culprits. It is really hard for IT people to track the exploits now and that is the reason why AI is brought in the picture for data analysis. The automated scripts will give the helping hand to the IT people in keeping track of the exploits and securing the machines.

4. Data Science

Out of all, Data Science is the most booming trend in computer science. Not only it comes in handy in business intelligence but also in every field- whether it is healthcare or finance. Every company needs to track their stats and want to predict the upcoming trends for a better approach- that’s where Data Analyst hold the seats. Data is the key in the computer science world and playing with it right to predict and analyze is what a data analyst does.

5. Robotics

Robotics is not the new buzz word in the computer science world. It has been there for decades but in the last years, the robotics industry has outshined every industry. Robots like Sophia are the blend of art, AI, machine learning and what not. Not only for lowering human labor, but to increase productivity and efficiency, robotics is free-flowing in today’s world and has to for upcoming years.

6. IoT (Internet of Things)

What if you can control your house sitting in an office or if you forget to turn the geyser off, you can switch it off from your office, what if everything is connected to the internet? All these “what ifs” can be controlled and come true- thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things). For edge computing, IoT can be the adopted technique by any company. When combined with deep learning or machine learning, the IoT can be very significant in revolutionalizing the future world.

7. Blockchain

Blockchain is another computer science trend which will be at its top for the coming years. It has just lifted off its journey now with the use of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. It is a public ledger basically which have the record of all the digital information. With cryptocurrencies at the booming period of trade, blockchain technology will be necessary and will ease the cryptocurrency trading. In addition to this, you can clear your doubts on blockchain from books and buy them using Flipkart Sale.

8. Ubiquitous Video

Creating, capturing and distribution of video contents from anywhere in this world- that is Ubiquitous Video. Most video services nowadays are at the boom and due to high-end cameras coming in mobile phones now with various display sizes. Ubiquitous Video will help in that by sharing content wherever you are due to all these high-end specs in mobile and portable devices. By sharing content whether it is medical, educational, security and remote controls, the content will increase and expand.

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