5 Reasons to Travel to Prague, Czech Republic

There are countless reasons to visit Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. From the awe-striking architecture to the amazing people, this city is warm and vibrant. Prague is among the most famous European cities and its locals have also nicknamed it Praha. It is also referred to as the city of a thousand spires, with its dramatic skyline and panoramic view. It stands as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and below are the reasons why you should visit it.

Reasonable prices

Sometimes, one of the biggest challenges for travelers is expensive destinations. There is nothing wrong with splurging a few bucks to enjoy your holiday, but sometimes prices become unreasonably expensive. Prague may not cut the list of the cheapest destinations in Europe but prices there are a lot more reasonable and you can get accommodation in a decent hotel at 50€/night. Accommodation is one of the most important things to deal with first, and here is a complete guide for where to stay in Prague.

Low crime rates

Crime rates is an issue that affects tourist numbers in a given destination. Every tourist wants to leave their holiday destination with all their belongings, just as they had brought them, and that is why people always check crime rates before visiting a destination. Crime rates are really low in Prague, and Czech Republic has been recognized as the 5th most peaceful European country. So, you don’t have to worry about walking in the city late at night, but also remember that you are responsible for your own safety and as such, vigilance is important.


One of the things that make Prague a unique destination is the castles. The whole of Czech Republic is endowed with over 2000 castles and Prague boasts the largest complex of them all. Also, you can get to learn some history about the oldest castles in Czech which are not located far from Prague. Head down to the Karlstejn castle and the Trosky castle which are located 30 km and 100 km respectively away from Prague.


There is nothing more stressful than poor transportation especially in a place you are not familiar with. It can be confusing and frustrating because you have an itinerary planned out at specific times and if you have limited time in your destination, then you may end up missing some of the tours you had planned. The country itself is centrally located, so it is easy to travel from Prague to within and outside the country. While public transportation is a headache in most towns, it is one of the best modes of transport in Prague.

Beautiful architecture

Prague boasts one of the best architectural structures, most of which are highly celebrated across Europe and the world as well, not to mention the styles were derived from Baroque and Art Nouveau, and Gothic and Romanesque. Prague’s medieval core is mostly intact because there were few destructions made during World War II. This is an iconic destination and in addition to the picturesque architecture, the culture of the people of Prague will totally wow you.

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