4 Ways to Experience the World from your Smart Phone

Modern technology has changed the way we work, interact and exchange information. Although mobile phones were initially invented in the 1940s, it took four decades until they hit the mass market. With the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and use data, the mobile phone has become the number one tool in the world with a dramatic rise over the last ten years.

The mobile phone we know today started as a car accessory until Motorola introduced the first mobile phone. The weight of these early devices was astronomical as battery packs needed to be large and cumbersome. With the evolution of smaller more powerful batteries, we have seen the explosive rise of mobile devices around the world.

Music and Video

Apple has been the dominant force in the music sector online. Apple iTunes started offering customers the opportunity to download vast quantities of music while paying much less then you would at a conventional shop buying CDs. Initially released in 2001 iTunes now has millions of users accessing billions of songs daily.

Cloud storage for personal files and a good internet connection means a user can have access to millions of songs without clogging up their device. For those people keen on jogging they can link up their device via Bluetooth and stick on a playlist, getting all their favourite tracks in high-quality sound and wirelessly.

Play Games Online

Playing games was once a pass time but has now grown into a significant industry, with professional players earning millions in some cases. Mobile technology has improved at breakneck speeds, and so has the variety of games available. It is popular for game makers to currently make their money by offering free games with payment options for additional in-game benefits, which has led to an explosion in game development that will only continue.

There are a host of free games available for most devices on the market. You can choose between role-playing games, multi-player, casino style and old favourites like chess and backgammon. For those looking to try their luck at earning something from their gameplay, you can join a website that has free no deposit casino games where you can win real money. Vast sums of money can also be made by playing most sports or role-playing games if you are good enough.

Research and Reading

Possibly the most significant benefit of having a connected device is having access to the internet to research something or find an answer quickly. For travellers, things have never been as comfortable with e-books available on mobile devices of any sort, meaning they can carry hundreds of books with no extra weight or space taken up.

Amazon is the largest provider of e-books and started by selling second-hand books online. With an Amazon account, you can access free e-books, purchase the bestsellers and store as many as you can read, meaning that your mobile device has turned into a library with almost every published book available.

Running a Business

There is no tool more essential to the operation of a modern business as a mobile phone. No longer is the phone just for phoning customers and colleagues; it also vital for the smooth operation of any organization. The primary reason for this is the ability to communicate with both clients and staff at any time. Curiously, when the technology was originally offered, it was primarily used by business executives who needed constant contact with the markets and their company.

Modern companies now give access over the internet to crucial company business systems which streamlines the operation. A remote worker can access client contact information, update a CRM and utilize various tools to collaborate on projects with colleagues when needed. The ability to conduct conference calls directly from a mobile eliminates the need and expense of group office meetings, further streamlining operations.

The Future is Mobile

Mobile devices will only become more essential to humans as we look ahead. They will be the remote controls that we use to manage everything from the temperature in our home to completing complex business tasks at work.

What was once the work of science fiction will be in the shops, like interactive holographic projections that can be used for games, business and communicating. As new, more complex devices hit the shelves, we will also see a further rise of app development giving us more tools to improve our work and home life.

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