How Tech is Transforming the Way We Plan and Enjoy Parties

In less than three full decades, technology has transformed from something that had to fit into a stationary, desktop computer to something that nearly all of us carry around in our pocket every single day. While some might argue the point that this is creating a more distracted population, technology is actually pretty great. While it’s beneficial for a variety of industries and uses, it’s becoming especially helpful for those planning parties, and even more so for those attending them.

Party Planning Goes Digital

Apps are so common in the party planning sphere that 88% of professional planners say they use them to increase efficiency and overall guest satisfaction. While there are professional platforms and party planning-specific technologies designed to coordinate large parties and weddings, everyday people are also reaping the benefits of using technology to plan their parties. This is often as simple as using shared cloud calendars to coordinate schedules or even utilizing online surveys to figure out everybody’s party preferences and needs.

Virtual Games Hitting the Jackpot

With technology invading nearly every aspect of our lives, it makes sense that the real core of a party would be driven by technology as well. Long gone are the days when you had to rely on a deck of cards and pin the tail on the donkey to entertain guests. Party games nowadays consist of at least one smartphone and a whole host of apps. From an almost life-like Jumanji experience to a night of elegant casino games, it’s easy to host a themed party with the held of modern-day technology. By combining apps with shared-user experiences and the right setting, party planners and goers and finding it increasingly easier to create a fun party atmosphere where guests feel like they’re experiencing something truly unique.

Increasing Engagement with Guests

With 3.196 billion people using social media, the world is constantly connected to some sort of social sharing platform. While this can sometimes cause people to miss out on the here and now, it can also contribute to the social aspect of a party. Bridal parties are now creating special hashtags for their wedding day so their guests can upload and share photos and easily find photos of themselves and others. Event planners are using social media as a way to notify attendees of special happy hour promotions or events. This increases engagement and encourages people to actually participate in the festivities without being intrusive or out of touch.

The Future is Fun

The key to harnessing the power of technology in a positive way lies in understanding its capacity and various uses for the industry within which it’s being used for. In the event planning industry and even the personal party planning space, apps, digital games and cloud-based platforms help make planning and attending parties easier and more stress-free, which is a definite win for everybody involved.

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