2 Ways to Unlock Disabled iPhones

If your device is disabled and you want to unlock it, don’t worry, there are a few ways you can do it. Following, we are giving you two proven methods to do it. So, take your time to go through them.

1. Use “Find My iPhone.”

Most People believe they will resolve the issue if they only use iTunes. They are wrong; there are several other ways for how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes. Don’t worry; you don’t have to get lost in complex technical details. If you are not a tech expert, then you can start with the “Find My iPhone” feature.

It helps you to locate, lock and reset your device remotely. If you have lost your device, then this phone will lock or erase the data in it to protect your privacy. You can use the same parameters to unblock your disabled iPhone. Follow these steps:

  • Log into your iCloud from a web browser and go to find my iPhone section. Tap the “Devices” option, and it will show the devices linked with your Apple ID. You need to select the device which was disabled
  • From this section, you can locate your device, play sounds on it, lock it or even format it. If you want to fix the disabled issue, you have to erase your device. Just Select “Erase iPhone” option and confirm
  • Wait for the feature to erase your device remotely. Doing so will also erase the lock

2. Unlock with Siri

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes? It’s way better if you do it with Siri!

This option is only valid for iOS 8 to 11. You can resolve the disabled issue with Siri. Just follow these instructions:

  • Hold the home button on your device and activate Siri, Ask for Present time by saying something. It will display the clock, tap on it to start
  • Visit the World Clock app and add another clock to the mix
  • The interface will ask you to search a city, type anything you want and tap on select all option
  • You can see other options such as cut, copy, delete and others. You have to select the “share” option
  • Doing so will open another window with lots of options. You need to tap on the message option to proceed ahead
  • Type something in the “To” filed and tap on return button on the keyboard
  • It will highlight the provided text in green color, choose it and click on the plus icon
  • It will open a new window, select “create a new contact.”
  • When adding the new contact, select “add a photo” and tap the “Add Photo” button
  • This leads to the Photo Library; now you can be it any album you want
  • Instead of choosing a picture, you should exit the interface by pressing the home button; it will lead to the home screen

This is not a permanent solution, ore of a loophole that has been addressed in later versions. If this fails you, then you can always resort to the first solution. If all else fails, then use a professional recovery tool like iSkySoft Toolbox is a high-end solution to tackle all of your issues. If you are an iPhone user and you lost your data, this tool can do much more than just recover it. It can help you create file backup, restore your social apps and repair software issues.

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