5 Tips to Capture Beautiful Candid Photos

Candid photography is the art of capturing the real emotions of people while they are lost in the moment, enjoying to their heart’s content. Taking photos of people when they have no idea that they are being photographed, Candid photography is rapidly becoming popular in the day to day life and informal occasions such as weddings, pre-wedding shoots, engagements, baby showers etc.

Here are some pro-tips for capturing the best and most beautiful candid photos.

  1. Prepare and take your camera equipment everywhere: Every moment is special in its own ways and someone who can capture those moments with grace is a true magician! Such is the beauty and value of candid photographers. If you never want to miss a special moment, always take your camera with you. The most important thing to remember is to choose a pro-level camera. Based upon the lighting, area and other factors, choose the camera that best fits the occasion. There are a few things to take care of! Make sure the lens of the camera should be crystal clean and always keep three spare set of batteries. The storage devices should have enough space to store the clicked photos and make space for more. A separate storage device for each occasion not only gives you enough space but also makes sorting and dispersion of photos easier. Make a list of camera auxiliaries like a lens, a comfortable strap, camera and lens cleaning equipment, tripod or Bipod if required etc and carry them anywhere. A missing auxiliary can ruin the photos. Similarly, in candid wedding photography, moments are instant and spontaneous. You never know when a wonderful moment would arrive so always be ready with your camera and do not let any special moments slip by as the best candid wedding photographer.
  2. Lens and Flash: Although it depends on an individual on what type of lenses they use, it is always advisable to use a long zoom lens. As a candid photographer, the further you are away from people lesser they will know that they are being photographed. This will bring out the real emotions, unfiltered. Longer zoom lens keeps you away from the personal space of people but keeps the intimacy of the shot intact. The camera lets you capture beautiful clear pictures to cherish for always. Flash discipline is one of the most important aspects of candid photography. Flash is the most obvious thing that alerts a person that he/she is being photographed. Use flash only when absolutely necessary. Using flash also adds to shock and awe which ruins the moment. When in low light conditions increases your ISO setting, use a faster lens, open your aperture etc.
  3. Movements and Positions: Weddings are an ocean of joyous emotions. The more you move, the more moments you will be able to capture. Try to take photos from different angles. This will give the customers more choice to select from. Candid photography is all about story building through images. Once you take a great shot of expression, it’s time to move and click from a different angle. The beauty of candid photography lies in the very fact that each and every click tells a unique story. In a wedding, the anticipation of future events is an absolute necessity. Some moments may require the photographer to position himself strategically to capture fine times. Familiarize yourself with the area and surroundings before the wedding functions begin. Reach the wedding destination or any other event location beforehand to observe the entrance, podium and seating arrangements carefully. Position yourself in a spot where you will be able to capture the event and visualize how the click will turn out to be. If possible find two or three such spots and inform the organizer in advance. A perfect combination of movement and positions will provide you with a plethora of opportunities to capture just the best candid photographs at a wedding.
  4. Shoot a lot, but don’t be in a hurry: When you click a lot you will be surprised by the results. Continuous clicking increases the chances of a perfect shot. Never confuse continuous clicking with doing photography in haste. Continuous clicking helps you to capture even the minuscule emotional change in seconds, creating the best pictures. Relax and slow down when you have to. Slowing down and taking your time is what makes the difference between amazing and mediocre photos. Adjust your settings according to light conditions, wait for the right time and then start continuous clicking.
  5. Set your lens to a wider angle: If the subject becomes aware that he/she is being photographed the person might become tensed or starts to act unnaturally, and you will not be able to capture the real emotions. The beauty of a digital camera is that it allows you to focus while not raising your camera. You may set your lens to a wider angle to do away with any aiming problems.

We hope this article will help you to capture those candid moments in a very subtle way. Always remember there is a huge difference between a paparazzi and a candid photographer. A candid photographer knows when to put the camera down. Candid photography is all about people being captured in their best moments, and thus pictures are created to be loved and admired forever.


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