Storage Management Software as a Primary Solution

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1. Introduction

Storing your information in a certain location is one thing, but having software to constantly analyze and report on everything that is going on is quite another.

Enter, Storage Management Software.

In order to become more productive and vigilant, you may just want to look at this type of equipment.

2. Better Data Visibility

Being able to tell exactly how much space is taken and with what types of files is an invaluable tool for any System Administrator. Especially ones specializing in storage solutions. This also provides a sort of health check for each block of storage that you own. If something goes wrong, it alerts the Administrator immediately so swift action can be taken.

3. Storage Reports & Analysis

At the end of the day, you don’t really want to manually go and check if everything is holding up properly. You want your File Archiving Software Solution to do that for you. This type of equipment is ready to produce, daily, monthly or even annual reports on how things were going and even analyze and give you graphics of the most common types of errors or issues encountered during that time period. This can be very beneficial if a meeting is taking place and you are discussing next possible solutions for your infrastructure. A report like this can prove invaluable.

4. Optimize Your Storage

Today it is not uncommon to see Storage Management Software Solutions harboring advanced features such as:

  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Block Enhancement

Deduplicating files by following integrity checks and hash sums has been a preferred way for a longer time. It serves a great purpose since lots of properly unused storage is released. Compression and Block Enhancement also improve the way Data is handled in large amounts by shrinking it down to a more manageable size all the while increasing the Block Performance of the drives.

5. Storage Software Optioning

There are multiple types of storage solutions out there on the market, choosing the right one could land you efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you are handling large quantities of Data, Big Data Solutions should be your go-to, since they are best fitted for things like compression and deduplication. Something which is much needed when dealing with such an amount of information. By reducing the size overall and making sure everything is properly working companies can rest assured that they are in the best hands.

On the other hand, Cloud Storage is taking a boost into the storage market as of late. There are new enterprise-grade solutions available that could be potential candidates for major companies. Cloud Storage Solutions usually provide great Graphical User Interfaces which help you monitor the situation with great detail. Lastly, most storage solutions these days are made to be fault tolerant and virtualized. The reason for major Virtualization is that it simply becomes easier to manage large quantities of Data as such. The benefit of having an interface which can by a push of a button start/stop & otherwise backup everything as easily is a great boon.

6. Conclusion

No matter what you choose, it should first be well discussed internally between IT Professionals & Management in order to agree upon a mutual consensus which will lead to a productive and cost-effective solution that will benefit your company greatly.

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