Reasons Why Your Office May Need a Cheap and Fast VPN Company

Do you use VPN technology in your office? If not! Then you must consider using it. It makes your office data secure by creating a secure network connection on a public network. The companies are expanding very rapidly and the internet has given them access to make virtual offices around the world. The employees can work easily from every corner of the world. This ease of work can also cause security risks and let the hackers easy access to your company’s data.

What if your employee is working on his/her laptop in a coffee shop or getting the benefit of the free airport Wi-Fi? These public networks are not secure and it has security issues like Fire sheep, Wi-Fi spoofing etc. There are many companies that provide cheap VPN(e.g. VPN works like a firewall that helps you secure your data while you are online. If you are still confused about using a VPN then take a look at the benefits you can have.

Benefits of Using VPN Service

You can have following benefits of VPN service:

Reduces the risks of Security breach and cyber attack

A company does not want its crucial data hacked by a hacker. Cyber-attacks often make big headlines on the news channels and it is not good for a company’s reputation. Cyber-attacks are becoming very common these days. Recent internet security reports have shown the increase in zero-day vulnerabilities up to 125%. VPN keeps your employees off the public network and makes your network more secure.

Improves productivity

Most of the company employees are well-aware of the internet vulnerabilities and they often not log in on public networks. But what if an employee travels a lot and he or she cannot work due to the security risks. That is where VPN help them work in a secure environment while using a public network. This improves the productivity of the employee and the peace of mind.

Makes your Client Feel Secure

If your company collects data from clients? Then using a VPN can make them feel secure. However, most of the clients probably do not know about a VPN but your company can educate them. It will improve the client’s trust in your company as they see that the company is taking extra steps to make the data secure.

VPN can help change your IP

Suppose your employee travels a lot and he or she is in a country where some specific sites are restricted. For example, Facebook is restricted on Chinese IPS but you can access it using a VPN. VPN provides you with your country-based IP address so you can connect with your office. Moreover, many clients do not trust someone who is E-mailing them from overseas.

VPNs are affordable

VPN cost is nothing compared to its benefits. Most of the company offer VPN services for as low as 10$ per month. It is really affordable for the business and you can never get security like it for less.

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