Choosing the Right UCC Platform for Your Organization

Whether it’s a small firm or a large organization, unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platforms, if chosen and deployed well, can be instrumental in achieving high efficiency.

These platforms offer a broad spectrum of products and services. They also help leverage the strengths of the existing communication system.

There are many UCC solutions available in the market today. Some may be better than the others in terms of your precise needs. How do you ensure which one’s the best for you?

To choose what’s best for the communication requirements of your organization, you’ll have to evaluate the options on various parameters. You’ll also have to take into account that each UCC solution in the market was launched at a different time and thus has a different maturity level, set or features and flexibility. Not all solutions will be able to fit your bill.

Here are the key considerations while choosing the right unified communication platform.

Feasibility analysis

Review the current communication infrastructure thoroughly and run a feasibility analysis on it. Collect all the data on what communication and collaboration features your employees are using and determine the gaps in efficiency.

Now evaluate how the new UCC platform can gaps how it can contribute to the performance at work. You can utilize the productivity metrics for this.

It is advisable to choose the solution which has a streamlined interface and is compatible with your existing business processes and mobility apps.

Finally, find out whether your employees and customers will be comfortable using the platform you’re considering. It will be a determining factor in the success of the UC implementation.

You may also want to consider what kind of hosting environment you’re looking at. The on-premise environment gives you a greater degree of control. However, there is little flexibility with them and they take a long time to deploy. Cloud-based UCC system, on the other hand, gives you the required mobility. Your employees can access it from anywhere and any device. It also cost you far less.

A perfect solution may be a combination of both. Platforms like Rainbow utilize the capabilities of both and facilitate an optimized, interoperable communication infrastructure. And you can deploy it in a single click.

Size of enterprise

Employee headcount is a strong determining factor when it comes to choosing unified communications software. Each UCC platform is only designed to serve a certain range of employee headcount. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the limitations of each option so as to ascertain whether it can serve the capacity of your enterprise.

This consideration is especially important in the case of large organizations. As for small enterprise with moderate headcount, most UC solutions have the capability to address their communication and collaboration needs.

End-to-end service

There are not a lot of vendors in the market who provide end-to-end UC services. Also, it’s not a critical factor in selection. However, you may want to keep it in consideration as well as it can bring down your upfront costs with economies and room for negotiations. Besides, a whole package saves you a considerable amount of time in looking for another solution provider separately.

End-to-end solution includes:

  • IP phones
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware platform and appliances
  • Applications and services

Vendor or reseller?

It’s important to confirm whether the UC service provider is the vendor or reseller. This is not to say that resellers deliver a compromised or suboptimal service. However, if it’s a reseller and if you happen to face a network issue or any other technical challenge, you’ll have to seek assistance from a third party and not someone from the vendor’s team. It can result in situations where they aren’t equipped to help you, or it may take them long to come for your rescue.

You may want to remember that many new UC companies outsource their support services. Therefore, always check on this front and ascertain that the vendor company has its own data centers to ensure a low downtime and sustainable support to you.

Track record

Always check for the track record of the UC solution provider. You may stand more chances of risk with a vendor rather new in the industry.

Check from reliable sources about for how long the vendor has been dealing in this field and what kind of client it has been serving. If possible, get the names of a few clients. An experienced services provider can be a single-point solution to your business and make sure your communication platform continues to work efficiently.

Customer support

It certainly is one of the biggest parameters in UCC selection. It holds an even bigger role for UC vendors because communication can’t wait.

Do a research and make sure that the vendor has a dedicated help center to address any query or technical issue. All trusted UC providers keep in place a team which comprises domain experts to assist you in realizing the full potential of your business messaging app, as and when you require.

For example, Rainbow, which is a CPaaS platform, has a dedicated digital help center to provide a seamless assistance to the users on FAQs, information queries, technical issues etc.


Technology is rapidly evolving and so are the communication needs in business.  That’s why the UCC system should be able to scale up as your organization grows. It should also continue to give the centralized control for multiple systems it’s integrated with, even as the number of users increases.

Rainbow has certain subscription packages to suit different business needs. It lets you buy additional features as your needs expand. Also, It only requires you to pay for what you use.


Whether it ’s improving communication with your customers, or it’s about increasing engagement, collaboration and brainstorming among your employees for higher productivity, unified communication apps are the ultimate solution. A key advantage with them is that you can entirely focus on your core business without having to worry about the arrangement for hardware and software to run your communication smoothly.

All you need is the right UCC solution that addresses your needs in the manner you desire. You can follow the steps above to get a better vision and find the best team app and collaboration tools.

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I am Shivani, a marketing executive at Alcatel Lucent Enterprise working for the Rainbow platform.

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