Some of the Useless Things Travelers Tend To Pack All the Time

Thousands of people simply don’t know how to pack for trips. They end up packing lots of unnecessary items which does nothing but take up a lot of their space in addition to increasing their chances of paying for excessive luggage at the airlines. If you want to enjoy every trip you take, then it is imperative to know what you need to pack and what you can leave behind because they are easily accessible in your destination or you can always buy them for cheap. Here is a quick look at some of the useless things you must stop packing for your trips from today-:

Sleeping bags

The reason why people carry sleeping when on trips is because they are afraid that they may not trust the local sheets to keep them warm at night. This is a very lame reason to burden yourself with carrying a sleeping. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for backpacking or you will be sleeping in hotels or inns during the night. Before you leave your home country, find out more about the weather currently prevailing in the destinations you are headed to, and if it is warm, it will make no sense to have this extra luggage with you.

Jewelry and valuable

Suppose you are going to Canada eta to marvel at and enjoy its natural beauty, why would you need to carry your expensive rings, earrings, bracelets, and watches with you? They are not only unnecessary, but they also increase your chances of getting robbed. Since these things are expensive and you will not have any use for them during your travels, just leave them at home. Besides, you may carry them and start worrying about their safety when you leave them in your hotel room for no reason.

Expensive camera gear

Everybody loves good photos for the places they travel to, but who said that the best way to take quality photos when you travel is to carry along zoom lenses. These things are not just bulky, but also they are delicate and will attract unnecessary attention to you as a tourist for no reason. If you normally don’t use them for your normal photography when you are at home, you surely don’t need them when you are abroad. However, if you are a professional photographer and you have a need to work while you are traveling, then you may be forgiven for carrying these alongside other expensive gears.

Extra Toiletries

When it comes to toiletries, you don’t more than the bare essentials for your travels. You also don’t need to have pack extra over the counter medicine since you can always get them whenever you need them. Besides, these extra toiletries will only take up additional space and rob you the joy and convenience of traveling light.

Too many cotton clothes

Too many cotton clothes will do nothing but fill up your suitcases for no reason. Kindly understand that this is not to discourage you from carrying many clothes, but you should consider the convenience of parking and carry lighter yet still trendy can convenient attires such as polyester clothes. The other thing you will not like about cotton clothes is that they will take their time to dry and this may not be a good thing if you just carried a few which you have to keep washing every evening. With materials such as polyester and other synthetic material, they will not only occupy less space but also you can wash them in the evening and be sure they will be dry and ready for use in the morning.

Why would you need more than three pairs of jeans?

Jeans are versatile and can come handy in a number of occasions, but why would you need more than three pairs for jeans for a trip? The reasoning against carrying many pairs of jeans is the same as that for carrying lots of cotton clothes. They are bulky and will take a lot of space and they will also take time to dry should you need to wash them quite regularly. For the purposes of space and weight economy when traveling, pack no more than three pairs of jeans for your trips.


In general, it is not a good idea to wear a lot of makeup when traveling. I think it is a good idea to just avoid makeup when you travel. If anything, backpackers are not supposed to have the best looks in the room. Make will not just take your time, but when the heat comes, they will produce the opposite results you had hoped they would bring – instead of making you look beautiful, you will be sweaty, messy and perhaps stinky.

Presents for the locals

You may be a kindhearted lady or gentleman and perhaps Mother Theresa maybe your role model and all you desire is to do good to everyone who crosses your path, and so you feel a strong inclination to buy gifts for the locals you will be meeting. This is a good way to think and indeed, you must be an extremely personable person to think this way.

However, it is a complete waste of time and money and will add you unnecessary luggage you don’t need. If you must have gifts for the locals, know that you can always get them once you get to that country, so there is no need for you to burden yourself further by buying the locals gifts. Keep the money and get the gifts when you get there.

Bulky towels

Those large and fluffy towels are convenient only at home. It sickens to see people carry very huge towels, thus misusing lots of travel packing space because they want to use their own towels. Perhaps this may be for health reasons, but nobody ever died for using the towel availed in the hotels or the places of accommodation you will be spending your nights. If you are paranoid enough to insist on carrying your towels then have some wisdom and carry light ones.

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