How to Update Your Aadhar Card Details

Like many countries, India has a method of identifying the citizens in the country, such as the Aadhar card. It provides a unique identity to the residents as well help the government give specific data to those categories of people along with requirements of security in the country. The details of every individual for the Aadhar card are recorded in the UIDAI database system. The card demonstrates only demographic details of a resident such as a name, date of birth, gender, photo, the address of residence, Aadhar identification number, and the QR code, while other information such as retinal scan, fingerprints, iris scan, etc., are stored in the Aadhar database. In this article, we will outline how you can update your details in an Aadhar card.

How to Update your Aadhar Card

With Aadhar card, every Indian citizen can have a proper identity proof. Also, it has many benefits like bank account opening, pension benefits, residence proof, identity card, tax services, and availing subsidies under different government schemes. With the undeniable significance of the Aadhar card, it is very important to keep your details updated so you can unceasingly avail all its benefits.

Whether you update details for biometric or demographic data, they are saved in CIDR (Central Identifies Data Repository) and provided to those sectors needing your data for certain requirements. There are basically three basic methods available when you browse information on how to update aadhar card details. These include updating online, updating through the post. and visiting an enrolment center.

Update Online

Updating Aadhar card details online requires you to login to the UIDAI official website with your valid Aadhar number and text verification. Once signed in, you will find a “send OTP” option. Click here to enter OTP along with the captcha code and hit the submit button. It will get you directed to data request page where you can select the field you want to update. Fill up the updated details and check the accuracy of the information before clicking the submit option. At this point, you will get a URN (updated request number) which can be used to track the aadhar card update process. While updating details through UIDAI website is a stress-free option, it does not allow you to update all details online except for address information. If you want to update details like name, gender, date of birth, email id, and mobile number, you must visit your nearby aadhar enrolment centre.

Updating Details Through Post

Aadhar details can also be updated via post. For this, you need to download data update form from the UIDAI official website and fill in the required information which you want to update in your card. You also need to attach the copies of the document along that legalize the changes to be made. Use an envelope to send the form with the required documentation to the post box no. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh- 480001, India.

Visiting Nearest Enrolment Centre

Aadhar enrolment centres enrol the applicants for the card after capturing their details following the process. You can visit any of aadhar enrollment centres in the area to update your information in your aadhar card at a nominal fee.

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