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How to Hire the Right Aerial Installation Company

Installing an aerial might seem like an easy thing to do. And most homeowners feel that they can do it themselves. However, this is a task that should be left to the experts, because they know exactly what to do. Professional aerial installers know the right aerial placement depending on your location, what kind of TV you have, and the altitude of your home. Here is a guide on how to hire the right aerial installation company.

Check the Strength of Your Signal

Before you hire an aerial installer, check out a website such as Digital UK to find out whether your home is located in a strong or weak signal area. The website also deploys all the TV companies servicing that area, and the channels you are likely to receive. This will give you, and your installers enough information to know what the best solution.

Choosing an Installation Company

The best place to start is in your local area. Check the aerial installation companies closest to you. You can ask other experts, such as electricians, roofers, or handymen to recommend a reputable company in London. You can also hire national companies, but starting locally is usually the best option.

It is always a wise idea to contact several companies and ask for a quote before you actually settle on one. Keep in mind that, cheap services are not always the best, and neither are expensive ones. It will be a wrong decision if you hire an expert just because they are offering you a low price. A poorly installed aerial will not only damage your roof or chimney, but it will not offer you the kind of reception you need. Hire a company based on their expertise, and experience.

Questions to Ask Professional Aerial Installers

When you contact the company, your goal should be to get the quote, have them come over, and look at the kind of job that is expected. There are several things that you should tell them, such as:

  • Your location
  • Your type of property (bungalow or townhouse for instance)
  • Whether you have a chimney
  • How many televisions you have and where they are located
  • Here are the questions you should ask them
  • What aerial brand they would recommend
  • Whether mobile broadband will have an interference
  • What kind of steel brackets they will be using
  • What type of cables they will use
  • Whether your area will need an amplifier
  • Whether they offer a guarantee
  • Whether they have any extra costs you should be aware of

Ensure that the price you agree on is all inclusive to avoid extra charges after the job is done. If they give you an estimate, you should know that it’s not fixed and it could close or far from what they initially said once the job is complete. However, when they give you a quote, then it should be a fixed price.


Before the visit, ensure that you remove all obstacles that could be a hindrance to the installers. Take pictures of your tiles and gutters before installation behind just in case any damages happen. Check the work when they are done to ensure you are satisfied with everything.

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