How An Intranet Can Help Your Business?

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There are so many businesses in e-commerce and services that still struggle to manage and organize their files the right way, plan their tasks, and share information to resolve the issues inside of the company.

Some companies and projects hire specialists to help them out with organizing and planning their work. Some use CRM’s – customer relationship management systems. They are so modified and customized these days, that customer and sales data aren’t the only essential functionalities anymore. Today you can also plan your workday, share files and chat with your colleagues. On the other hand, some say CRM solutions are failing lately

.But have you ever heard about intranets? They were way more popular before the CRM boom, and they are a lot more functional for inside communication than CRM’s are. Here you’ll find a few tips on how an intranet can help out your corporation from the inside and outside, and how it can do wonders for startups that don’t have a coworking space.

Inside Of A Corporation

The first functionality that pops into everybody’s mind when someone mentions an intranet is file sharing. And that’s right. You can easily and quickly view any files that other members of the intranet have shared. You can upload your files too. But there are many other advantages of this digital connection that could help out your team or an entire company.

Other than sharing regular working files, you can also share data, statistic, graphs, and analyze it with your coworkers or even consult with another department that already had the same issue or idea before. Discuss how did it work out for them – is it worth the costs? It could become a true virtual office with live chats and intense discussions.

For bigger corporations, an intranet also becomes a very valuable and huge database. It keeps the records of every worker. Therefore it is more than easy to connect with them and ask them your questions of concern. An intranet will save your company time and encourage people to cooperate.

Outside Of A Corporation

You might ask how and why you would use an intranet system outside of your company if it’s meant for inside file and information exchange? It can be a brilliant marketing solution for organizations that plan events, conferences, and seminars for specific business fields.

For example, it could be a big marketing or business innovation organization that has many members, and organizes paid lectures every week or now and then. An intranet would be a perfect platform to gather hundreds or even thousands of people together. It would be an ideal place to share information, register for upcoming events, discuss the issues in the organization, and communicate, share pictures from previous events.

As mentioned before, it is a great marketing solution to push people to repurchase the services – lectures in this case. It’s a fantastic way to remind people about yourself in their own will. If your services offer any additional cross-services, like team building or selling some merchandise – it’s a free platform with your target audience, and it’s perfect for advertising.

For Startups And Coworking Entrepreneurs

A simple intranet could work wonders for young entrepreneurs that constantly work on joined or related projects. It’s a safe and functional place to share thoughts, comments, files, and photos. You can add any content that’s related to your activity – it can be music or video files as well.

And most startups have to look after their budgets unless they have wealthy investors. Otherwise, to save up a little, a fantastic WordPress intranet can be created, for example, by using premade themes on It’s the best idea because it’s cheaper than developing an entirely new website from scratch and customizing it to your need. And secondly – the best specialists with the best experience have prepared the most functional intranet templates, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Here you’ll even find useful tips and advises on how to start and create a WordPress Intranet site. So if you’re entirely new to this – the website will help you out.

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