5 Reasons Defence Expos and Security Conferences are More Important than You Think

Israel Defence & HLS Expo 2019 or ISDEF, the most comprehensive security conference is all set to welcome visitors June next year. Attracting leaders and military experts from all across the globe, this security conference and expo promises to present the latest security and defence solutions by both Israeli defence firms as well as foreign manufacturers.

For the general public, these defence expos and security conferences may seem like nothing more than a fancy show of firepower. In reality, however, they serve many important roles.

Following are 5 reasons why international defence exhibitions and security conferences are important.

Strengthening  Ties with Global Military Leaders and Decision Makers: Much like other major defence conferences, ISDEF attracts delegates and military leaders from powerful countries. The expo not only allows you to rub shoulders with top military leaders of the IDF but also top defence ministry members of different nations. This presents a great opportunity for global leaders to network with their counterparts and thus strengthen ties.

Updating Defence Knowledge Base: Even if you are not a military leader you have much to gain from attending the most comprehensive security conference in Israel. Defence researchers, bloggers, and enthusiasts can use this opportunity to learn about the latest in military technology. Israel being one of the forerunners in the latest defence innovations, you are guaranteed to witness game-changing technologies and solutions.

Live Demonstrations Areas Helps Evaluate Capabilities: ISDEF is not just about seminars and defence stands. The expo has a live demonstration area that provides a safe space to witness military techs in action. The live demos allow the decision makers and general audiences to witness first hand the practicality of these defence solutions. After all, not everything that looks good on paper, plays out well in real life.

Prevents Decision-Makers from Investing in Obsolete Military Tech: Most military advisors and defence government officials are required to keep a close watch on emerging technologies. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of new defence solutions can render old ones obsolete. For example, defence experts are now questioning the practicality of aircraft carriers due to the advancements of anti-ship missiles. Even weaker armies pose a grave threat to these mammoth naval vessels which were previously thought to be indomitable. Defence strategists are often required to abandon projects and adopt new ones just because rules of modern warfare constantly keep on changing. Top defence expos like the ISDEF gives them an opportunity to understand the latest military innovations so that they can evaluate and reallocate their defence spendings.

Provides an Opportunity for Defence Manufacturers to Secure Contracts: Military manufacturers often lack platforms to showcase their latest products to the IDF and to leaders of other nations. It’s not like they can open a showroom in a mall. Defence expos and security conferences allow manufacturers to secure big military contracts. Defence manufacturers and security solutions firms greatly depend on these expos. Most of these exhibitions present a win-win-win scenario for defence manufacturers, potential buyers, and organizers.

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