Why Is Vaping So Popular Among Tech Experts?

It’s hard to ignore the prevalence of vaping in the tech industry lately, especially in some particular fields like software development. It’s interesting to watch the popularity of various types of vaporizers grow and the forming of their corresponding mini-cultures, but it’s also interesting to think about the whole scene from an outsider’s perspective. Why did vaping actually catch on so well in this particular sector, and can we expect to see it gaining even more popularity in the future?

Friendly Attitude in Most Offices

It’s not surprising that many tech offices have a rather friendly attitude to those who vape, and one may even spot groups of workers forming based on preferences like flavor, tricks, and even the models of the devices themselves. There’s no shortage of variety on the market in all of these aspects, and some even enjoy the idea of customizing their experience with whatever tools they have available – more on that below. Some offices even go as far as to allow vaping inside, although this is usually met with mixed responses and may not go over too well in certain companies.

Vaping Tricks and Techies Go Hand in Hand

One of the cooler things about smoking in this manner is the huge variety of tricks that can be performed with a regular vaporizer. People keep coming up with new things all the time, but for a beginner, these tricks should do just fine to impress some coworkers. There’s actually a surprisingly high skill ceiling in this hobby, and many people like to build up their abilities over time and exchange trick ideas with others. It can be entertaining to observe a group of avid vapers trying to outdo each other from the side, and it’s not hard to join in either.


Another great aspect of vaporizers – especially high-end models – is that they are easy to customize in a variety of ways. Some people like to experiment with their own liquid mixes, while others love to take apart their devices and modify their batteries and other internal components. Keep in mind that this can occasionally be dangerous though, especially when it comes to high-capacity batteries. Make sure that you follow safety precautions and consult others more experienced than you. It’s generally not a good idea to modify batteries at all, even if you know what you’re doing, as most accidents with vaporizers are typically caused by malfunctions in this area.

It’ll be interesting to see if this trend catches on even more. Vaporizer manufacturers are moving quite fast in developing their products and we’ve already seen some interesting new releases on the market – and we fully expect this to continue in the near future. People are becoming more and more accepting of the idea of vaping as a healthier substitute to smoking, and it’s likely that this particular industry might shun regular tobacco for good somewhere down the line. It would certainly be beneficial for everyone in one way or another, and it’s good to see that smoking tobacco as a whole is on its way out.

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