Quality Rigs: High-Powered Custom-Built Gaming PCs and the Components they Use

Those with a bit of know-how can build their gaming PCs to be something very special, giving them a unique edge come gaming time. Components can constantly be bettered and exchanged, and the performance of a machine can always be improved.

The potential is never-ending, and there’s always an additional jolt of techy expertise that can be added somewhere. Consequently, here are some examples of high-powered and custom-built gaming PCs and the components they use.

Quality Power

The best machines need a strong surge of power. Any good gaming machine will take up a great deal of juice just to run. Your domestic power supply is an alternating current (AC), but PCs work on direct current (DC). Consequently, gamer’s need a good power supply unit to convert the home’s energy to be compatible with the computer.

A higher amount of wattage and amps is required here. However, companies such as XP Power offer a wide range of power converters, ensuring that all gaming computers are ready to go. Those working on a custom-built gaming computer don’t ignore this aspect of the machine, as to do so can effectively render it unusable!

Fast Speed

Last year’s supposedly ‘best computer ever built’ reportedly had 64GB of primary memory and 48GB of the gaming counterpart. These both allow a gamer’s experience to go nigh on interrupted. Furthermore, a solid-state hard drive has no moving parts, and while they’re very expensive, they can load an entire gaming computer virtually immediately. Additionally, dual graphics cards allow a crisp image and less effort to load up any dazzling visuals, cancelling out lag. Ultimately, speed is the name of the game!

A good motherboard is also key in keeping your soundcard, graphics and screen working in tandem and without delay. Bus, which is a copper component within the motherboard, transfers information around quickly. After all, if you have two big cities, it’s no good having country lanes connecting them; you need a motorway, and this is what the better bus components provide.

Roomy Ram

It’s no good having fast components if the ram is lacking because that will bottleneck all the data flow within the computer. After all, one faulty cog in the assembly can cause a whole machine to become slow and dysfunctional. In the end, different games have different ram requirements, but the best custom-built gaming computers generally have 16gb or more of ram.

If the solid-state hard drive is a library, then the ram is the books the gamer wants to read. More ram means more room for the games to roam in. Bigger programs, such as video games, need lots of RAM to work! Consequently, the best kind of custom builds for a gaming PC make space a priority as well as speed, ensuring every component and data flow has room to breathe.

Cooling Off

As is now obvious, custom built gaming PCs are incredibly busy for the duration of their running. There’s a lot of different components giving it one hundred per cent effort one hundred per cent off the time. To avoid wear and tear and burning out, like people, they need rest.

However, builders implement a water-cooling system to keep everything cool, especially so the processor doesn’t overheat. It’s the lifeblood of the custom-built computer, ensuring good conditions for the components. This way, the computer won’t unexpectedly switch off during key points of a gaming session.

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