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Beautiful Homes: Definitive Signs You are in Need of A Kitchen Makeover

“Kitchens should be designed around the things that are truly important–fun, food and life.” -Daniel Boulud

Often regarded as the heart of the home, the kitchen would be that one definitive place where the family would converge–not only for meals but for the creation of them as well. Apart from being the best area in your home that holds the best memories (most of them associated with food), it would also be the place that sees the most foot traffic seeing as most family members would dine together at least twice a day. Consequently, out of all the areas in your home, the kitchen would see the heaviest usage and would probably require touchups, repairs and improvements much earlier than the rest of the areas in your homes.

However, how can you ascertain that your kitchens at home are indeed in need of a renovation? After all, this would connote a significant renovation and would likely cost you much more than any other house project. As this is no ordinary endeavor, it is best if meticulous planning, as well as budgeting, be taken into account before attempting to effect said kitchen renovation project. Kitchen renovations should not arbitrarily decided upon as not only are they costly but they would take a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

For this reason, it is best if you took the signs below into consideration for whether or not your kitchens would require improvements or touchups–regardless of whether you live in a lush Tagaytay condominium or elsewhere.

1.) The layout looks haphazardly done and is dangerous

Once upon a time, you hired a contractor to produce a layout of your home. Although the rest of the home looks satisfactory, the kitchen falls short in this aspect. Having a good kitchen layout can mean the difference between convenient and cumbersome preparation of meals. Moreover, a clumsy and awkwardly done layout can significantly affect how efficient one would in cooking or meal preparation. Worse, it is potentially dangerous. Whether your layout poses a precarious risk or whether cooking there has become more frustrating than it is enjoyable, reconfiguring how it looks might be of great help.

2.) Cleaning it has become rather infuriating

Admittedly, sprucing up the kitchen can already mean a lot of work–and more often than not, it is that one household chore you would rather pass up on doing. However, there is a significant difference between a chore that is mildly miffing than one that takes almost half a day just to do. If you find that your kitchen is an absolute nightmare to clean, then a major renovation might just be what it needs to address a highly cumbersome task.

3.) You are paying a premium for your electric bill

If you have ever wondered why you are paying exorbitantly for your monthly electricity bill, you might want to look at the kitchen appliances you are using. Obsolete and outdated appliances that once boasted of being the top-of-the-line energy savers are now running up your electricity bill. Determine how much you are actually paying for your kitchen appliances each month if you have the inkling that they might potentially be the cause for the drain on your monthly budget. In this case, you might wish to upgrade your appliances and have them pay for themselves over time.

4.) Inadequate storage space

If your plates and your utensils are dangerously perched atop countertops instead of being inside cabinets and drawers, then you that is an overt sign for your serious lack of kitchen storage. In this regard, expanding your storage and perhaps adding more cabinets and drawers might be able to alleviate or even totally eliminate the dilemma of not having anywhere to store your dicing boards and other kitchen apparatuses.

5.) You hate it

…insomuch that you refuse to use it anymore and would rather eat out. Your reasons can range anywhere from impracticality to bad aesthetics, the bottom line is: You do not like it that you would not even want to set foot in there. In this regard, you might want how to change how it looks and then perhaps you might be able to change how you see it as well.

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