The Handshake Mouse

This handshake mouse from BakkerElkhuizen, specialists in ergonomic solutions, is widely known for its flexibility, compactness and vertical grip. With a vertical grip, the risk does not bend sideways as much and the lower arm requires less inward rotation resulting in less muscle activity in the lower arm compared to a standard mouse.

Its uniqueness stems from the fact that the handshake mouse has two left and right clickable buttons with an added scroll wheel which is both clickable and scrollable. When used correctly, its design is ideal for reducing muscle tension that comes with the frequent use of a mouse thus helping users work quickly and pain-free.

This mouse has two modes which are the SRM Mouse targeted at users who have small or medium-sized hands. For smaller hands, it is measured at a width of up to 7.5 cm at the hand’s widest point which excludes the thumb. For larger (medium-sized) hands, the other product – the Evoluent mouse is much better. The hand width goes up to 9 cm, excluding the thumb of the user.

The handshake mouse also has a super powerful laser sensor which quickly detects touch and motion. It also allows for a short adjustment period, proper arm and wrist posture which is one of its unique and ergonomic features.


According to Schmid et al., 2015, using an ergonomic mouse such as the handshake mouse means that your lower arm does not need as much inward rotation simply because as a simple plug and play mouse, users can literally use the handshake position which doesn’t lean so much in the sideways position.

Likewise, Quemelo & Vieira, 2013 also make an essential point for why this mouse is ideal in that there is less muscle activity in the lower arm when using this mouse which is another ergonomic feature that is beneficial for the user.

Additional Features

Another great feature of this mouse is the option to choose between 400/1600/3200 DPI. It is also rechargeable and comes with added support for any issues the user might experience.

Furthermore, the handshake mouse is suitable for both right and left-handed users with no detriment for either as they get the same use and experience out of it. It works for a wide range of operating systems, is available as wireless or corded, and has a reasonably long cable length.


There is no doubt that the health benefit of BakkerElkhuizen’s handshake mouse is a major selling point of this product. Who doesn’t want to reduce muscle strain or do away with the symptoms and causes of repetitive strain injury [RSI, also known as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs)] at home or within the workplace? Notwithstanding, we found that, despite standing out and drawing a lot of interest, the actual physical look or appearance is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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