How to Change Minecraft Skins

Want to know how to change your skin in one of the most popular modern games to something more memorable? You can achieve uniqueness in Minecraft with our help.

You already know that there is a limited choice of default skins in Minecraft. You can select either Steve or Alex. Of course, with the updates regularly incorporated into the game, there appear more skins players can avail themselves of. Still, acquiring the skins other than Steve or Alex does not mean that your look will be fresh and unique since other gamers also can select them. So, if you don’t want to put up with the boring look of default characters, you are free to navigate the World Wide Web for new skins and import them into the game.

But let’s explore all possible ways of changing skins in Minecraft step by step.

Changing Skins In-Game

As it has already been noted, you can choose the skin that suits your interest in-game. Fire up your Minecraft. Once in the game, click on the icon in the shape of a clothes hanger that will appear below the character you are playing with. By doing this you will open the Skin Chooser window. You will be presented with quite a wide choice of skin packs ranged appropriately. You’ll see such categories as “zombies and freaks” or “wildlife.” Use your mouse to click on the skin that catches your eye. Thus, you will select it. Wait for the confirmation message to appear on your main screen. By pressing the confirmation button you are choosing the way your character will look like from now on.

As you probably know, there are paid downloadable contents in Minecraft that include skins, of course. All paid skins are marked with a white lock. You are free to unlock them by paying your Minecraft coins. The unlocked skin remains in your inventory forever, which means that you will be able to get back to it in the future.

Changing Skins to those Found Online

The Internet is also at your service if you want to get a fine Minecraft skin. The skins found online are mainly the courtesy of those Minecraft enthusiasts that decided to share their ideas with other fans of Minecraft. The skins you find online come in PNG format storing graphic information. To “wear” a skin obtained online, follow these easy steps:

First, it is necessary to download the file from a trusted website. We strongly recommend that you make sure that the file you aim to download is not a malware. Memorize the name of the folder after finishing downloading. You can also rename your file in accordance with the content of the downloaded file.

Then, log in to and go to your profile.

After that, press the “Browse” button and navigate through your folder until you find the necessary content. Once the skin is found, click “Upload.”

Reboot your game, load up any Minecraft world and push F5 button to check your new lookout.

Look great, doesn’t it?

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