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How to Build a Smart Home

It’s no longer science fiction. Home automation solutions have been available as bits and pieces for some time, but with the addition of voice-interface virtual assistants, we’re starting to realize truly integrated smart homes in a way that used to exist only in the realm of speculative fiction.

You can integrate smart technology into a new home build, renovation or as individual items, since so many now interface with wireless technology and don’t require extensive internal wiring. Start with your command smart hub. Voice assistant technologies are available from most major technology brands right now and can serve as a single point of contact and control for other technologies around the house.

Next, think about the shell, and work your way from the outside in. Off-the-grid sustainable technology is hot and dropping in price like never before, so you might consider saving money (and perhaps even selling energy back to the grid), not to mention doing your part in the fight against global warming, with roof-installed solar energy panels. Security systems come with an array of features, but some of the most exciting new ones include video doorbells and remote-access smart keys so that you can control access to the home and permit deliveries, visitors and service providers access without being forced to wait around the house.

Moving further in, smart solutions for window coverings are an overlooked category that can have a big impact on your comfort, convenience and home energy bill. Options include electric shutters, blinds and window tinting that you can control remotely at will. Inside the home, smart technologies operate home systems such as climate control and lighting, audio-visual solutions and even major appliances.

Linking heating or cooling and lighting with your smart hub opens up the ability to simply ask for a change in your immediate environment and have your home magically respond without even the need to reach for a mobile device or controller. You could create a theatre-quality entertainment room that allows you to stream entertainment throughout the house using linked speakers or screens to keep you entertained and engaged throughout your daily movements. Smart appliances are a serious investment in convenience, including next-level food prep and storage and automated cleaning.

While you’re investing in the ultimate gadgets for a tech-driven home, don’t forget to protect your investment. Home insurance is a great buffer against disasters, but it may not be the right choice for all your needs. Home warranty companies offer more extensive protection, including replacements outside of significant disasters, so when those high-end appliances go, you’re not facing a sudden hit to your credit card. Choose cutting-edge convenience for the whole house with a home warranty plan that solves problems for you, instead of leaving you exposed to sudden crises when a breakdown or failure occurs.

The list of gadgets, systems, solutions and appliances to make your home smarter, more functional and more enjoyable is growing in an unprecedented way. Start small with a smart hub and entertainment options, or go all-out with a full interior and exterior transformation.

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  1. Great tips! Having a smart home is the future of houses and living technology. It’s still pretty expensive to buy the necessary gadgets to make a smart home but time will come that it will be the norm for everyone.

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