12 Must Know Logo Design Tips for Small Business Owners

A good logo design is a great medium to introduce your brand. It is the first thing customers notice. A logo can sometimes become a focal point for your brand, based on which it is perceived. Creating a meaningful and effective logo takes effort and time. The process of logo designing can be dreary, but if chosen wisely, a logo can prove to be a great investment towards the branding of your company.

The importance of a good logo design is unmatched in creating a brand. A good logo design can make or break a brand. It acts as an identifier for your business and communicates the story behind it. However, a lot of work goes into creating a remarkable logo. Some business owners are active participants in the process of logo designing while some choose to hand it over to the experts and share periodic insights. The secret is to make a smart choice when it comes to selecting a custom logo design so that it provides a strong foundation for your marketing strategy.

Here are 12 tips that will help you design a logo which stands out and leave a great impression: 

1. Learn about logo design

Logo designing is a process and not a simple task. Basic assumptions surrounding logo design can sometimes mislead a business owner. Even if you outsource the logo designing, guide your designer by providing an informative brief. Understanding the designing process will help you identify what to look for in a logo and what to avoid.

2. Understand your brand

A logo is the first thing customers see and remember. This makes it important that your logo conveys the correct message about your brand. Learn about your industry, your competitors and what your brand essence. A good custom logo must be in sync with your business values and vision.

3. Know your audience

A logo can be identified as good if the customers are able to understand and recall it. Marketers around the globe recommend creating logo designs your customers can relate to. Once you know your audience, you can choose the correct colors, presentation, and elements that can be incorporated in a logo.

4. Take inspiration from the brands

Some brands create a logo while some legendary logos build a brand. Learn from the big brands and how they do it. What makes these logos great and identifiable across the globe? Brands such as coca cola, Starbucks, and Nike have become phenomenal brands known for their logo. 

5. Logo design must be scalable

Many business owners tend to opt for more affordable and generic designs. This is one mistake that proves expensive in the long run. Generic logo designs tend to get lost amongst the noise. The key is to choose a unique and simple logo which works on all media as well. Logos with limited symbol and colors are easier to use over various marketing media such as brochures, t-shirts, billboards etc.

6. Keep it clean, simple and professional

The key to creating a great logo is keeping it simple and professional. This implies removing the unnecessary elements that people might have difficulty understanding. Overcrowded or abstract logos tend to lose their charm and fail to deliver the message. A simple and straightforward logo can go a long way in conveying the brand message.

7. Check if it’s recognizable

A logo will be recognizable if it is clear and simple. Customers should be able to recall and identify your logo in order to establish a connection with your brand. Within a few seconds, customers tend to shift their attention. Therefore, check if your logo can be identified within these few seconds and can pass the blink eye test.

8. Consider a type-only logo design

Logo designs can be divided into two broad categories: Type only and Symbol. While most of the business owners prefer symbol based logo designs, type-only logo design can prove to be effective. Consider players such as Ray-Ban, Coca-cola, FedEx, Disney etc. The key to creating a good type-only logo design is a unique brand name.

9. Accept that it would be a first in many

Choose a logo design which can be modified and adapted as your business grows. Keep in mind that even the biggest names have a logo which has grown and transformed over the years.

10. Use online tools to create a logo

With online logo makers such as Designhill, logo designing has become a swift and straightforward process. With Designhill logo maker, you can create a logo design on your own with the help of its AI or even crowdsource the design by creating a logo design contest. AI-based logo makers can be used by anyone even without any designing knowledge or experience. These logos, although primarily designed by the AI, can be edited and customized later. Each of these approaches ensures a good quality design which is different from the generic designs available over the internet.

11. Try standing out, but be relevant

A small business requires each and every opportunity to stand out from the competitors and create a mark. Unique and creative logo designs provide a distinctive identity to the brand. However, in an effort to stand out, the logo must not lose its relevance to the industry and brand. As a business owner, you are looking for a logo which creates a long lasting impression in the minds of the customers.

12. Logo design and branding go hand in hand

Logo Design can be considered as a starting point in the branding of your business. It is impertinent that the branding strategy and logo design both are created keeping in view the vision of your business. Companies with a unique and simple logo have been able to create successful marketing campaigns, brand recall and recognition.

Creating a perfect logo is a perpetual process. Your logo will grow and re-mould with your business. Be open to ideas and inspirations in order to design something that lasts for ages and can become the face of your business. A logo design can require numerous iterations and rework. Logo designs, just like other graphics are subjective. Seek constructive feedback so that your logo is not offensive or ineffective. Always keep in mind that there are no set rules or tricks to creating a perfect logo. It can take a lot of time and effort to reach a design that fits your company’s vision and successfully conveys your brand message.

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