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One Bedroom Granny Flats – Grab the Opportunity

One bedroom granny flat is often referred to as secondary suite as this is present in the premises of the main family home. These buildings cannot be used to accommodate a large number of people due to space and size limitations. Mostly used as a detached residential structure with low build cost, can be equipped with all the modern amenities.

Today, you can also find some granny flat kits in the market and they are very cost-effective solutions for your property extension. These flats will be manufactured in the warehouse and the manufacturer will transport the different parts of these flats and assemble them on your site. Apart from that, you can also design one bedroom granny flat in your backyard with normal building materials.

Need for One Bedroom Granny Flats:

One bedroom granny flat provides an individual with the chance to live in solace and comfort without leaving the main residence. It allows the elder family members to stay close to their loved ones. Equipped with modern tools and equipment, one has access to all the modern amenities which allow an aged person to lead an affluent life.

These can be used for multiple purposes, even as a personal workplace and you can also use this flat as your kid’s room. Even you can also rent out the granny flat and earn some money in future.

Deciding Factors for Building One Bedroom Granny Flat:

  • Plot size: This is a fundamental deciding factor as the size of the one bedroom granny flat. If the total plot area is large and has sufficient available space within the plot, a comparatively larger home can be built. You can measure the vacant areas and then design your granny flat accordingly. But if you have short space then one bedroom granny flat is an ideal choice for you.
  • Expense: With the expense decided you can ask for a quotation, as there are numerous builders available for secondary suite construction, it won’t be a problem to get hold of the one with the cheapest offer. The cost also differs due to customizations and other modifications proposed by the user.
  • Certification: Construction of buildings requires permission from the legal authorities. This can be achieved directly from the council or from private certifiers. It is necessary to make sure that no laws are flouted and standards of construction laid down by the government are abided by. Apart from that, you need to submit the granny flat layout to the municipal office for getting approval and you can design your one bedroom granny flat with kitchen, the washroom and an additional porch.

Points to Be Noted Before Hiring A Constructor:

The price quoted for the constructing the one bedroom granny flat must be compared with quotations provided by other available construction companies. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best option available.

  • Time required for construction: With modern tools and equipment, construction time has reduced drastically and therefore allowing speedy constructions. Make sure to get hold of contractors who can get the building completed in the least possible time while maintaining the standard quality of construction.
  • Material used: Often neglected, this is one of the key points one must look upon. The material used directly impacts the durability of the construction. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to make sure that the materials are of good quality.

Granny flats are not a new concept and have been there for several years now. The concept is gaining quick popularity in several countries like Australia, Canada, Norway and the US. This one bedroom granny flat can be used for numerous purposes.

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