Moshi’s Next Generation Vortex 2 Earphones

If you are desirous of letting loose on your music, enjoying every beat, sound, and bass, dancing like you just don’t care, getting caught up in the moment of a movie and drowning out the entire world and noise around you, what better way to do that than through a beautiful set of earphones. Earphones are amazing for watching movies, for savoring good old music and for studying if you are dealing with audio books.

That said, for the best earphone experience, only the best set of earphones will do. Because Moshi understands the simple needs users have for solitude accompanied by only blissful sounds and are offering the next generation Vortex 2 earphones with a unique design, sound, and material. To better understand what makes Moshis next generation Vortex 2 earphones different from the several others out there, we had a special opportunity to try it out. Here’s what we found.

Moshis earphones offer a crisp sound from highs to deep, as well as a pleasant bass. Embedded into the lightweight integral cable is a Kevlar spine which ensures a longer lasting experience and a microphone to receive calls hands-free. To achieve such level of sound, the Moshi Vortex 2 earphone is built with a RigidBody™ housing which comes with a truckload of benefits. A little research shows that this housing was developed from scratch with the best medical grade 316L steel alloy for high density and a vibration-free chamber which minimizes cavity-induced coloration. its tonal balance evidenced by its smooth mids/highs makes its use a sheer delight.

In addition, you don’t have to bother about any form of environmental sound distraction. This is because the Moshi earphone has as part of its features an excellent noise isolation system and includes three different sizes of hybrid-injection silicone ear tips for airtight noise-isolation.

Perhaps more intriguing, especially to the younger generation, is its push-button support placed in for Google Assistant and Siri activation and usage. Users will also find the pair of memory foam tips for a perfect, customized fit and more importantly, the silicone carrying case that comes with the device a useful accessory that can be used to secure the earphone after use.

Due to the fact that Moshi is fully aware of the process earphones of high-quality mandatorily undergo to produce better sound and enhanced performance, it introduced an iOS application to expedite the process that naturally takes weeks and sometimes months to initiate. This app known as the Moshi audio burn-in tool repeats a collection of tones and frequencies thereby giving the earphone diaphragms the required opportunity to ease up and attain their peak sonic performance.

To take full advantage of the app for optimal performance, all that’s needed is the installation of the application on any device, selecting the headphone, followed by a convenient burn-in duration. The app can also provide support for third-party earphones.

To summarise,  testing the Moshi nextgen Vortex 2 was a reminder that you shouldn’t settle for less quality in choosing an earphone. When making your choice, remember that the combination of quality sound and durability is a must to give you the most pleasant listening experience.

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