How to Enjoy Swimming and Spa in Chilly Winters?

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm swim spa in the winter? Especially when you are on your vacation and its freezing outside swim spa comes as a blessing. But it in order to enjoy a swim spa in chilly winters, it is important to keep in mind important points to ensure you enjoy a warm swim round the year.

A swim spa is a perfect way to relax the body and rejuvenate the mind especially when it is accompanied with a warm fuzzy bathrobe and a hot coffee after the swim. So what are the factor t keep in mind to enjoy a year-long swim spa anytime you need?

  1. Clean the pool before winter hits: If you are planning to enjoy a warm swim in the winters then it is important to clean the pool before winter hits. Change the water as well so that there is no need to change the water in between the season when it’s snowing. This will help to enjoy the warm spa whenever you need in the snowy winters.
  2. Turn up the heat: Even though it hasn’t started to snow still turn on the temperature so that the swim spa remains warm. If you are planning to use it daily then keep it on throughout the day and at the time of heavy snow turn up the heat few more degrees.
  3. Keep the spa zone covered: The most important point needless to say the area should be covered with a lid. With snow-packed winters, it won’t take much time to freeze the entire swim spa and will spoil your plan to take a dive in warm waters and just relax. So it is essential to cover the area at all times when you are not swimming.
  4. Stack up essential chemicals: Keep your essential spa tools and chemical overstocked for winter months. It is a good chance that snowstorm will hit and if you run out of the spa chemicals then, you might have to cancel the swimming plan. So either hit the market or order spa chemicals online using discount codes and keep the supplied intact for winter months.
  5. Dry the bathrobe before using: After a warm and scintillating spa getting out in the chilly changing room is a turn-off. So stack up warm bathrobes and keep it beside you while you are swimming. The smart tip here is to drier the bathrobe and then use it as it will act as a cherry on the cake as it will keep you warm once out of the swim spa.
  6. Lastly, enjoy to the fullest. Winters are not about staying indoors and stay warm wearing layers of clothes. If you have invested in a swim spa then it’s time to use it for a good swim and kick the chilly winters away. A family swim spa is also a perfect way to spend the weekend and have fun with the kids.
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