App Monitoring 101: Collecting the Right Data

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Whether you’re creating an app for your business or you’re a developer, you need to know how to collect the right data. Data collection shows insight into how your app is functioning, and it can help you identify problems even before they begin. Monitoring app data isn’t something you do once or twice during the development of the app. Rather, it’s an ongoing process that should be a part of your regular system maintenance to prevent problems. This guide below will explain how to collect the right data so you can keep your app performing at its best!

Why Monitoring Matters

Monitoring is an essential step to any app development. It’s the best way to spot problems and to recognize patterns in your system so you can improve uptime and service. If you don’t have a way to monitor your app, you won’t be able to learn more about your users and the functionality of your app. Having a record of app records will be a valuable tool for solving problems in the future, even if your app is performing at its highest right now. Nobody wants to deal with challenges in app performance, but they’re unavoidable. The best thing you can do no matter how involved you are with the development process is to ensure there is a system in place for collecting the right data.

What to Measure

The first step to app monitoring success is determining what metrics matter the most for your app. Depending on your goals for your app, you might have different metrics to measure. In general, all apps should measure functionality and performance, while additional information like user demographics and habits might be secondary. 

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Performance Metrics

There are common performance metrics you should be familiar with when looking to monitor your app effectively. First, you need to monitor app crashes which can help determine your crash rate. This helps improve your overall uptime as you can recognize patterns in your failure rate. Finally, you should also review work errors. These can be caused by a number of things from server errors to HTTP errors, but they’re important to notice. Click here for an important guide to .NET Core vs. .NET Framework: choosing a runtime & how to port. Choosing the right server is the first step to high-quality app performance!

User Metrics

Aside from performance metrics, you’ll also want to monitor user data to learn more about your audience. The monthly active user count is known as MAU, and this is frequently used when negotiating with advertisers. Additionally, you’ll want to look into device metrics to see how users are accessing your app. Finally, geometrics help you understand what users from around the world are choosing your app.

Engagement Metrics

Finally, engagement metrics show you how users are spending time on your app. Session length refers to the length of time users spend on your app while session intervals refer to how long they wait between sessions of using the app. The last metric is your retention rate which shows how many users you keep over time.

Monitoring App Data

Monitoring app data is an important part of app development. Learning more about how users interact with your app and also about how your app performs for users will help you solve problems before they occur. With so many apps on the market today, you need to stay competitive to stand out. Monitoring the things above using an app analytic service will lead to success!

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