Why Mobile Applications are Indispensable for Startups

One of the keys to success for startups is to reach out to as many customers as they can in as short a time as is possible and connect with them as well as get customers to connect to each other and to people in their circle. People are customers. People use mobiles all the time for a variety of purposes such as connecting on social media, whatsapping, tweeting, buying online or finding information. Connect the dots together and you will be able to connect with people through mobiles and apps are the best way to go, not websites.

Mobile apps, by their very nature, are compact and focus on only a few things such as products and services of a company. As such they load fast, can reside in the user’s device and the user can receive updates as well as upgrade notifications with ease. More to the point, a prospective customer who downloads the app and views the products may feel like placing a call, which is easy through a mobile phone and a link within the app to the phone number. The speed of eliciting response and action from a target is important and this is where apps score for startups. One only needs to select the right android mobile app development company offering customized mobile app development solutions. It even works out cheaper than a full-blown responsive website. Besides, when an app is listed on PlayStore, it is visible to visitors, which is much better than a website that may not make it to the first 3 pages of search results. Talking about search results, the result page may display links to competitors while an app is only about a specific company, which, if done right, could ensure loyalty from a user.

Another important aspect is perception. Users generally have the perception that if a company has launched an app then it must be reputed, trustworthy and large. Impressions matter so get an app first and a website later.

Mobile apps have another advantage for startups. They can be coded to gather data on user behavior and his location, which data can be useful for startups to fine-tune products and services. The right developer can also include features which will send notifications to the mobile users who have the app installed. Such notifications can include deals and offers that are noticed by the recipient. Taking it a step further, if the app includes options that allow users to place an order and make payment, then it gets even better because users will not think of searching for competitor products. Each purchase can be linked with reward points. If your app resides on the user’s phone then he can share such deals with friends in his circle with a simple tap and you, as a startup, get free promotions. Apps have this ripple effect that other marketing tools cannot match.

Apps are compact, powerful and smart marketing tools. Startups that have launched powerful apps have succeeded beyond dreams.

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  1. Mobile application development has become indispensable for every organisation from startups to large scale enterprises. The ascend in the revenue of the business is totally dependent on the functionality and user-friendly functionalities incorporated in the app.

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