Understanding the Rummy Game by Knowing your Opponents in these 5 Ways

Rummy as a game fosters mutual camaraderie and healthy competition among players. Since it is a game of skill and not of physical might if you possess or develop the required mental skills you have every possibility of winning online rummy free cash games. Also, a major part of your success depends on your opponent’s moves and how you counteract them with your strategic winning moves.

To make things a little simpler, we’ve tried to put together a curated list of pointers that help you understand the cash rummy game by knowing your opponents.

1. Estimate the possible cards

A skilled or seasoned rummy player will always take into account all the cards at the table – the closed deck and the open deck. After a couple of rounds where each player picks a card and discards another, the skilled rummy players who play rummy online are in a position to estimate reasonably well the probable cards held by each player.

2. Focusing mainly on their cards

If you come across a player focusing mainly on his/ her own cards, it is pretty evident that the player is either a beginner or a player with mid-level expertise. Such players exhibit high chances of discarding cards that may be of use to you. However, a seasoned player gives equal concentration to his/ her opponent’s game by keeping an eye on the cards picked (if from open deck) or cards discarded to the discard pile. They are very cautious and do not discard cards that are useful to other players.

3. Lack of concentration

In some instances, it becomes evident that your opponent is playing rummy for money with sheer lack of concentration. You are able to sense this when he/ she makes a couple of wrong judgements and discards cards in a very unwise manner. Intense concentration is as important as your rummy skills when you play rummy online.

4. Picking card from the discard pile

When your opponent goes about picking cards from the discard pile alone it is very obvious that he/she is looking for a particular card and is hoping to find it in the discard pile. Although it is the best practice to pick cards from the closed deck and ensure you do not give away any clues to your opponents about your melds, not every time does closed deck offer you favourable cards. If your opponent is an amateur who plays rummy is most likely looking at your cards that you discard to the discard pile. Such actions, if repetitive, foil your chances of winning.

5. Picking unwanted cards

Sometimes, your opponent goes about picking unwanted cards or cards in random that does not indicate the melding of a sequence or a set. Such actions from your opponent could mean two things – either the player is nothing less than a novice, or he/ she is an absolute pro who is trying to confuse you by picking unwanted cards from the open deck. In such situations, pay caution to your opponent’s game before you conclude anything.


Rummy is an interesting game that makes you read your opponent’s intentions by virtue of their moves. Develop the skills to decode your opponent’s play to make rummy games successful.

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