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Simple and Most Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic

In today’s competitive market, it can be tough to drive traffic to your website. You have created content so it can be read, shared and bring you the ROI you want. If you think you have done everything that’s needed to ensure a proper setup and are still not getting the traffic you want to see on your website, it might be time to look for solutions. There are some simple and actionable tips that you can use for increasing your website traffic. Are you interested? Read on to find out what they are:

Look into long-tail keywords

If you are a newbie, competing against popular keywords is difficult and if you are a leader, then you have probably used them already. It is a better idea to focus your content on a specific segment instead of positioning yourself in the common areas. This will provide you with access to qualitative prospects and will help in establishing you as an expert in a particular domain. Furthermore, long-tail keywords are more effective in boosting conversions. There are various tools you can use for coming up with the right keywords.

Publish optimized articles

One thing that you shouldn’t forget is optimizing your articles. There are three steps to follow when you are doing this; entering the Meta title, putting in the description and making sure the right keywords are used.

Focus on link building

An important aspect of off-page search engine optimization is link building. Guest posting is one way of doing so. You can create posts for blogs related to your niche and get them published there. The posts contain a link to your website, which can give you additional exposure because you will be reaching a whole new audience. This means that you will be getting plenty of new visitors.

Develop excellent content

It is a given that the more quality content you produce, the more trustworthy your website will be. It will get the people interested in your website and they will come back for more content. Moreover, high-quality content is also rewarded by search engines like Google and when your rankings improve, so will your traffic.

Don’t ignore social media

Social media has a lot of power and you need to use it to your advantage. Make sure you have a presence on popular platforms and promote your website and offerings there to pique your audience’s curiosity. Once you have their attention, you can direct them to your website and this will increase your traffic considerably.

However, it is a mistake to over-rely on social media and search engines because this strategy can backfire. Websites often lose rankings and this means you might end up losing all your traffic. Therefore, it is essential for you to have some backup to ensure you don’t go down completely. The simplest way this can be done is by getting traffic that converts. Yes, there are reliable websites that can help you in this regard enabling you to improve your statistics, thereby maintaining and even improving your rankings so you can get organic traffic.

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Waqar Hassan is a Blogger, Author and Entrepreneur who heads an IT & Web Company. He loves writing and manages several blogs including OnzineArticles.com, MenaEntrepreneur.org, International-Issues.org, GazetemEGE.com and TechBurgeon.com. Waqar Hassan is one of the top Freelancing Coach and does coaching in Tbilisi, Georgia and on the internet. He can be contacted at hassangill@gmail.com and followed @HassanGill on Twitter.

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  1. Hello Waqar,

    Getting website traffic is a little bit hard task and there are many things to do to get better results. Every website owner wants to get traffic on their website but, with right strategy and efforts, anybody can increase their website traffic.

    Without adequate traffic, a website is almost nothing. Content is still king and without quality content, you can’t get expected results. I like the point “Don’t ignore social media” and it is true.

    All these points listed here will be very useful for every blogger.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen Verma

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