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Common Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Just like everything else, the way people search has also changed considerably in the last few years with the widespread use of smartphones. Local SEO has become the norm these days and more and more people do local searches on their mobile devices.

More than 7 billion unique local searches are performed in the US alone every month and for years, Google has been showing local results for a number of non-localized keywords. Therefore, in this competitive market, it is a good idea for business to invest some time and effort into developing an efficient and efficient local SEO campaign.

The problem is that search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms and changing the rules of SEO due to which some common mistakes are made.

Highlighted below are the top local SEO mistakes that businesses and websites need to avoid:

Not having a listing on Google+

When a search is conducted for ‘products or services near me’, the top right corner of the first result page shows a big map and the main section displays the NAP, i.e. name, address and phone number of the products being searched. How do these businesses show up in this section? It is not because of their SEO efforts, but due to their Google+ Local Listing page. Thus, you need to get your business listed on Google+ immediately and the business listing should also be verified to confirm your ownership.

Selecting the wrong keywords

Keywords have the power to make or break a local SEO campaign. These are the terms that are typically used by a business’s target audience for search purposes and lead them to its website. The choice of keywords needs to be made very carefully as you have the find the perfect balance of intent, traffic and level of competition.

Not performing a competitive analysis

Incorporating competitor analysis is also crucial for constantly enhancing your local SEO campaign because it can help in identifying if your strategies are working and if the keyword choice is right. You can hire a professional local SEO service such as The HOTH to perform this analysis for you. An INC 5000 company like this one can help you in identifying common keywords that are being targeted and the backlinks needed for them.

Absence of customer reviews

While it may not be easy to get your customers to post online reviews, it is something that’s necessary for effective local SEO. Having positive reviews posted on your Google+ listing can give you the competitive advantage you need.

Not adding location data in images

You can make your webpages considerably relevant by adding images. Your website’s page has to have at least one image and it should also have a relevant name as well as ALT tag containing the target location and target keyword.

Incomplete address

The contact page of every website should provide full name, address and phone number in text form as this enables search engines to read it and verify. The information should be same on the Google+ listing.

Avoid these mistakes and your local SEO campaign will bring you the results you want.

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