What Makes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a Popular eSports Game?

One of the most popular esports games is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) which was released back in 2012. Since then, the demand has grown and continues to grow strong to this day with an all-time peak of 850k CSGO gamers, many of which take part in competitive esports tournaments. For professional esports athletes, practice is vital in order for them to keep playing to the best of their abilities. Competitive CSGO tournaments give many gaming fans the opportunity to bet on their favourite teams in prestigious matches through esports betting sites such as

So why is Counter-Strike so popular? Could it be the beautifully designed CSGO maps that you get to explore with your squad? In Counter-Strike anything is possible, the game is unpredictable. In a matter of seconds, a situation or mistake can change the outcome of a round. The fun all depends on how you play the game, ultimately it is about good communication, accurate aim, strong mechanics and the mastery of CSGO maps. So, let’s break down the reasons and find out exactly why Counter-Strike is such a popular game.

Easy to Practice and Play

Watching others play Counter-Strike makes you want to be a part of the action. CSGO is available at the reasonable price of €12.49 according to Steam, the gaming platform. CSGO is able to be played on a variety of different computers so the scope for CSGO is worldwide.

Fast Paced Short Rounds

Practice your gaming tactics in scrims so you can have an idea of the best strategies. This gives you the chance to play it safe, a tie result at the start is fine as you get to know your opponent. You could surprise your enemy from behind to win a round or perhaps lose the round if the opposing team have the backing of his unit.

CSGO is just a game of course, so if you happen to be shot and killed, the round will end for you, not the whole match. Use this time like a time-out to think of ways how to counter your enemies now that you have gotten a feel for how they play. After some time, you will rise again to play another session, just remember that practice makes perfect.

Strong Gaming Tactics

Of course, whenever you play CSGO, you try your hardest to win. The simplest way to do this is not to rush, it is better to think about a good safe position where you can wait and listen to what is going on around you. Wait for the perfect timing to lure your enemy out of their hiding place, use a long range rifle and do not hesitate to pull the trigger. The next best thing is to be the last surviving player in your squad, leading your unit to win.

Being Sharp and Alert at All Times

In every esports game, concentration is key to everything. You may have the ability to take out most of the opposing team but on the other hand, there may be a player who is on the lookout for your vulnerabilities who could catch you off guard. He takes his moment, throws a flashbang grenade to blind you and next thing you’re dead. In CSGO, there are numerous fast and intense rounds, there could also be sessions though that last a lot longer, but not knowing what will happen next adds to the fun of the game. Ultimately, your fighting skills and sharp attention is your secret to survival in-game.

The Great Choice of Weaponry

With so many rifles, pistols, knives and ammunition, you need the time to understand how the weapons work and practice will make perfect your aim. However, with certain rifles, you can fire recklessly – this could lead to random kills that carry your team to victory.

The CSGO Tournaments 

All Counter-Strike fans love to follow what is going on in esports competitions like DreamHack Masters Marseille, IEM Sydney and DreamHack Open Tours among many tournaments. What is fun about these competitions is that the gaming teams come from all over the world to compete. The intense edge-of-your-seat moments in CSGO gives an uncertainty as to who will win the shootout for their unit? The curiosity of what will happen next keeps you glued to your seat.

CSGO is a team based game that depends on good communication, skills and tactics. What is interesting is to see how professional player’s mix-up their play depending on whether they are the Terrorists or the Counter-Terrorists. Whether you are a CSGO player or a fan of gaming in general, the adrenaline rush makes you want to shout out when your team wins which is why Counter-Strike is such a popular esports game. All you have to do now is experience it for yourself.

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