Top Gaming PCs to Buy in the UK under £700

The power and adaptability of gaming PCs are what keeps hard-core gamers loyal. Nevertheless, the high-speed processors, ample RAM and powerful graphics cards of these gaming rigs also mean they can be quite expensive.

We’re here to offer a solution to all the budget gamers out there – gaming doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby when you’ve got Laptop Outlet’s cheap gaming PC range! Read on for our top picks of cheap gaming PCs under £700 if you’re looking to buy gaming PCs:

Dell Precision T3500 

Don’t miss out on the chance to buy gaming PCs like the Dell Precision T3500! This cheap gaming PC is backed by the latest generation of Intel Xeon architecture with a system memory of up to 24GB, which means it is able to provide the performance needed to play the most up-to-date games on the market.

With two PCIe x16 slots and ample power for suitable graphics cards, the device lets you get the most from your favourite games by offering the most detailed, vibrant graphics. Want a gaming PC that is both a solid gaming rig and a helpful everyday assistant? The Dell Precision T3500’s Intel Turbo Mode and direct cache access allow the acceleration of both single- and multi-threaded applications, making the PC perfect for tackling daily tasks!

HP Pavilion 570-p019na 

With a massive £200 off, you cannot overlook the HP Pavilion 570-p019na if you’re planning to buy something affordable! Small price tags and great performance can definitely co-exist and this machine is the solid proof. It features a quad-core AMD A10 processor with 8GB RAM, which provides blazing-fast speed that plays the most updated games with no crippling slowdowns.

The up to 2TB of storage is perfect for accommodating your growing game collection! After some stunning gaming visuals? The AMD Radeon R5 435 graphics card will not disappoint you in making your favourite games more immersive than ever! The HP Pavilion 570-p019na is possibly the best thing to ever happen to those of you on a budget!

HP OMEN 880-001na

The HP OMEN 880-001na is an ultra-powerful machine tailored for gamers. Geared with a cutting-edge design, the latest hardware and easy upgradability, the device is guaranteed to offer you the top-tier performance gaming competition requires. The latest 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA graphics means you can effortlessly send your opponents back to their respawn!

Intensive gaming sometimes can cause your gaming PC to overheat, but it won’t happen to the HP OMEN 880-001na as it’s got all-around edge vents and two 120mm fans that prevent it from becoming a molten core! Finally, the amazing upgradability is what makes this gaming rig a must-buy: with a tool-less door for quick access and maintenance, the HP OMEN 880-001na is a machine that climbs with you as you soar up the leaderboards! Get this gaming PC and you’ll go from average gamer to gaming legend in an instant!

The above selection of top gaming PCs has proved that it’s completely possible to buy gaming PCs at £700 or less without compromising on performance! These incredible cheap gaming PCs will get you sorted if you’re trying to keep your gaming hobby affordable. 

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