Top 10 Acupressure points to Relieve Body Pains & Aches

Acupressure is a holistic solution to most of your common everyday health issues. It is an ancient practice and today more and more people are rediscovering its miraculous benefits. It heals and instills in the body peace and relaxation.

Most people fail to distinguish between acupuncture and acupressure, the difference is in the use of needles, while acupuncture uses needles to treat diseases and specific health conditions acupressure, on the other hand, uses fingers and acupoint tools to activate acupressure points for body aches and other purposes.

Acupuncture is much widely used in China. According to traditional Chinese medicine, every person has certain acupressure points throughout the body, lying in the way of different energy meridians.

Practitioners believe that the qi (chi) or one’s life force flows through these energy points and if they have been lying dormant, it is only acupressure that can help activate the pressure points on the body to relieve pain or solve any other health issues.

The Chinese theory advocates that there are twelve major meridians within the body linking the body’s major organs major organs helping the body to relax. All the meridians of the bodies must stay in a balanced state, even if one falls out of sync, diseases can thrive in the body like no tomorrow.

Acupressure practitioners have a specific mode of treatment where they use their fingers, palms, elbows and certain tools (more like wooden tongs) to gently prod at each point, till it pains a little, awakening the life force of each meridian. Many people seek the help of an acupressure practitioner to help them with their niggling aches and pains and most patients get great relief from persistent pain issues.

Top 10 Acupressure Points for Body Aches

Find out about some of the top acupressure points that can give fast relief from pain.

1. Joining the Valley (L14)

This is one of the top pressure points on the body to relieve pain. You can locate this point on the fleshy part of your hand juxtaposed between the thumb and index finger. This is a great point to relieve headaches. This point is also used as a referral for acupressure for tooth pain, not to forget it is one of the better pressure points for shoulder pain neck pain, besides providing relief in conditions such as arthritis, hangovers, and constipation. Ball your hand into a fist to access this point.

2. Pericardium (P6)

You can locate this point on the inside of the wrist which is three finger-widths below the lower end of the palm. This point provides relief when people feel pain and nauseous post-surgery, or even just the flu or when they get motion sickness. Use your index and middle fingers to press this point for a few minutes to tend to the pain and other issues.

3. The Third Eye (GV24.5)

A pain in the middle of our head is a common occurrence for people who are always in the thick of things, juggling work and everything all in tandem. This is a great point to treat eye pain and eliminate chronic stress holistically helping you concentrate and improve your memory. Use your middle finger to prod the point located right between the eyebrows. Press it for a minute and help yourself deal better with stress and pain.

4. Sea of Tranquility (CV17)

You can locate this point in the middle of your breastbone that is four finger-widths right above the base of the bone. The root cause of most ailments including pain is emotional imbalance and anxiety and depression. You can get relief from many nervous system disorders at this point. Sit ramrod straight while you apply pressure on this point. Put your palms together in a prayer position and use your knuckles of your thumbs to press this point. Breathe slowly while you perform this treatment procedure. This point is great for fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, anxiety attacks, trauma, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, trauma, fear, recovering from an injury or surgery and so on.

5. Commanding Middle (B 54)

Find this point on the backside of the knee. This helps alleviate pain in the back and knee region, specifically with arthritis pain related to hips, knees and back region and also sciatica pain. This point can provide pain relief for up to six months, just massage this point for one minute every day.

6. Leg Three Point (ST 36)

The ST 36 is located just below the kneecap just outside the shin bone. Press this point to help with digestive disorders such as constipation, bloating and nausea. This point, in fact, is great in treating menstrual pain and helps alleviate fatigue.

7. Shen men

This point is located right on the upper half of the ear atop the vertex of the triangular fossa. This point helps massage the point and helps in dealing with addictions. This point also restores nervous system balance and helps in alleviating most aches and pains. Use your index finger to activate the Shen Men point and put your thumb right on the back of the ear using your fingers to put on firm pressure.

8. Sacral Points

These points are located right above the tailbone, at the base of the spine. Massage these points to get relief from menstrual cramps and helps relieve lower back pain. Lie down on your back and put one hand on top of the other to intensify the pressure and press the points above your tailbone for a few minutes every day.

9. Bigger Rushing (LV 3)

Find this point on the top of the foot in the meeting joint of the big toe and second toe. This point helps relieve foot pain and hip pain and also relieves cramping.

10. Heavenly Pillar Point (B 10)

The Heavenly pillar point is one of the more potent pressure points for neck pain. You will find this point on the neck muscles, 1/2 inch above the spine. This point also helps deal with insomnia and stress and splitting headaches. This can give relief from the stiff and sore neck. Just use firm, steady pressure on this point to reap the maximum benefits.

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  1. Wow, I’ve learned so much in this post. Been suffering with body pains and now I have more ways to relieve it without causing more harm to my body. Was thinking of acupuncture but there is none nearby.

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