How to Order the Right Type of Essay

An essay is the most frequently given task in colleges and universities. The professors prefer this type of academic paper over the others in majority of subjects for many reasons. Through an essay, they quickly check how well the student masters the material.

Essay writing seems to be quite easy. However, it is effort and time consuming. Students, in their turn, often lack time, because they are employed, have family and even children, have health issues, time consuming hobbies, professionally go in for sports, etc. If you are one of those students, see this site to pay for an essay written by experienced academics.

The reasons for ordering an essay written by somebody else may be different, and this does not mean that the student is irresponsible about his/her studies. However, if the decision to order the paper has been taken, it is important to provide accurate and correct instructions, that should include, among other things, an essay type.

How to Choose the Right Essay Type

Professors usually propose the topics for the papers. You can pass this topic to the author who will write an essay for you. However, there is one thing you have to clarify to the author: what essay type you would like to get. Whatever the topic is, you can manage it in four (and even more!) different ways. Here are the four different types of such academic papers:

  • This paper does not require too much analytical thinking. It aims to make the general overview of the facts. It is one of the easiest types of an essay to write. The main task here is to have clear facts, proper references and cohesive discussion.
  • Such a paper is harder to write than the previous one. The writer has to provide facts in a specific consequence, using certain persuasion techniques, to make the reader believe in the argument. Writing such an essay is a good exercise for everyone who wants to develop negotiation skills.
  • That is one of the most interesting essays to work on. The writer has to critically evaluate the existing knowledge in the field. Such analysis ideally has to be based on certain methodology. It is important to know, that any type of analytical conclusion, if proved, is valuable in science.
  • Contrast/comparison. This is one of the easiest types to write, because all the author needs is facts and critical thinking to compare them. The main task here is to provide clear and well-developed structure, to make sure all aspects of one thing are compared/contrasted to similar aspects of other thing.

If you decide to order the essay, make sure to identify what type of paper you need. Your choice will influence the content and the style of writing.

Essay and Academic Writing Style

A good essay has to be proper not only content-wise. There are other two things to consider:

  • Compliance with academic style.
  • Correct structure of the paper.

Academic style is very specific. Here are some of its peculiarities:

  • Academic language. Everyday language is not always enough to write for college. Even if the idea of paper is brilliant, the paper will be rejected if written in slang. If you write the essay by yourself, make sure to use proper vocabulary. You should also use the grammar books, this is especially important in order not to mess up the syntax.
  • Formatting according to academic styles. There are different formatting styles, each having its own rules. Stick to those rules if you want a decent paper.

The next important thing to do is to structure the essay well:

  • That is a fundamental part of every academic work. In Introduction, you have to describe what is already known in your field, and map discussion in your paper. This part justifies your research.
  • Main body. This is the discussion and argument of the paper. It explains your research and analysis on the topic.
  • here, you have to summarize everything you have said in the paper, and add some final thoughts.

Although an essay is one of the easiest types of academic work to write, it still requires much effort. If you do not have time to write, simply order the service from a good writing platforms. Make sure to indicate what type an essay you want to get.

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