5 of the Best Places to Go to Hoverboard in the US

Once hoverboards started getting familiar with many riders, different states and organizations began to impose laws that would regulate using them. Most of those states that control these gadgets complain of the safety of some low-quality hoverboards on the market.

Riding this electronic board is fun. You only have to learn the technique, and you will be good to go. However, if you are not so confident about riding it, you would better stick to your driveway at home because you will end up causing unnecessary accidents, not only to yourself but also to the people you bombard with if you choose to ride in populated streets.

If you are out there, and you are looking for the most suitable place to have some hoverboard fun, here is a list of sites that you should check out.

1. Los Angeles

The good thing about this state is that they recently passed a law that would allow people above the age of 16 to skate through different streets. In fact, there are specific pathways made for bicycles, motorists, and scooters.

One benefit of this city is that you no longer have to worry about the weather. The weather is fantastic, and it is fit for any skater any day, any time. They have well-conditioned roads that allow you to skate without the fear of the safety of your hoverboard, or even yourself.

One fascinating place that you can do so with Los Angeles is at the Santa Monica Pier where other skaters and cyclists meet.

2. Oregon

Well, the state government of this particular state has brought in a system for all kinds of traffic within various roads. Most people would love an area where you do not have to keep hitting people, especially if you are a learner.

The government constructed pathways for both bike riders and skaters. There are also separate pedestrian strips, which are more extensive and safer to ride.

Furthermore, Portland has various facilities and points where people can enjoy their rides. For instance, museums centers, markets, food joints, and a variety of trails to explore.

3. New Mexico

One physical attribute that makes this area attractive is the weather. The city has a perfect dry climate to facilitate riding through any road. The geographical characteristic of this state is the many hills, which are the best spots for skateboarding and hoverboard riding.

Additionally, the area has attractive destinations for tourists, like Museums, where you can use your board as you view the different sceneries.  In fact, you are spoilt for choice because of the landscapes that you can visit.

4. Venice and Pacific Beaches

Well, for individuals who think that the ocean is fun, then be sure to visit these two beaches. They have proper pathways that allow people with skateboards and hoverboards to do so without any difficulty as they watch the waves, and enjoy the rising and the setting of the sun.

Ensure that you have a helmet and all other safety gear in case the oceanic waves distract you and cause you to fall. For those visiting the Pacific Beach, do not leave the scenery without eating the fish tacos. They will blow your mind away.

5. Austin

The city is the capital city of Texas. It is a suitable place for people who are still learning the art of skateboarding. The town has broader terrains, which allow you to have more exploration of different sceneries.

For instance, you will find a myriad of bars and restaurants in that area, which you can hop from one to another during your explorative journey.


If you are still bargaining whether you should buy a hoverboard, then take time to learn from It has a variety of guides to help you make the right decision.

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