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The Future Home: 5 Smart Inventions for Your Smart Home

The concept of Smart Homes is still in its infancy, but the systems and devices that have been launched to improve this technology have proven to be quite impressive. 2017 has especially been a productive year for Smart Home solutions, showing us a glimpse into the future of modern housing.

In the same vein, here are six of the best Smart Home devices and connected home systems that one can buy in 2018.

1.    Amazon Echo

Perhaps the most well-known Smart Home solution on this list, the Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth Speaker with additional functionalities in the form of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. By configuring this device to your liking, you can use the Echo to employ the system of smart home control most of the gadgets in your house.

2.    FIREFX Network Guardian IoT Cyber-Security Router & Intrusion Prevention System

As Smart Home solutions start gaining mainstream relevance, so will the need for tighter security so that these homes don’t become a target for hackers. The FIREFX Network Guardian is a step in the right direction, providing unmatched cyber-security. The price is steep, but the security provided is entirely worth it.

3.    Ecobee4

This device is one of the most user-intuitive thermostats out there, with a responsive touch-screen and a remote sensor that helps in regulating the temperature of your house. This latest version also has Alexa integrated into it, which makes this thermostat a breeze to use.

4.    Nest Cam Outdoor

Boasting an upgrade from its indoor counterpart with a waterproof enclosure and power cord, the Nest Cam can record live 1080p video, has an easy-to-attach magnetic base and can send alerts based on suspicious motion or audio (based on the user’s preferences).

5.    August Smart Lock, HomeKit Enabled

This smart lock mounts over your existing deadbolt and allows your lock to be connected to your smartphone through a smart home app to provide a lot of control over your home security system. Its integration with HomeKit allows for additional possibilities as well.

So, by keeping these pointers in mind, you will be able to facilitate quality connected home solutions and enable a whole new level of control that was seemingly unheard of a few years ago. It’s only a matter of time before these solutions become widespread anyway, so we recommend that you adopt these solutions sooner rather than later.

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  1. I’m personally a HUGE fan of the Ecobee! Very good recommendations here.
    Also a bigger fan of the Amazon Echo products than Google Home, just from the ease of implementation. Google Home tends to make a better personal assistant I believe.

  2. hi thanks for the recommendation, I am sure in future google home must be improved and rank on home automation. amazon echo is nowadays best option but on user experience, I am on google home.

  3. Just curious. Any particular reason why Google Home wasn’t mentioned? It seems like the smart home devices that are available to connect is growing. Just curious since you mentioned Amazon Echo and also said 6 devices, but there are only 5 on the list.

  4. Smart Homes are really booming with the rampant usage of smart devices and them giving us the freedom and the feeling of “Living smart”, Thank you for sharing this very informative article with us! Highly Appreciate it

  5. When talking about living in a smart home, I have seen that one thing many bloggers forget to include in their list. Electric cookers are one of the biggest inventions of 21st century in the kitchen department. Along with IOT lights, integrated Bluetooth system, you must also consider such electric multi-cookers. PS: Amazon Echo is awesome, its worth every penny you pay.

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