How are Mobiles Being Designed for Gaming?

Interestingly, the history of dedicated gaming phones is fairly ignominious. This is somewhat surprising given the popularity of gaming in the modern age, but there’s no doubting that handsets such as the Nokia N-Gage, and Sony’s Xperia Play have failed to truly penetrate the market even after one or more redesigns.

This trend has begun to reverse in recent times, however, with the Razer Phone proving that dedicated handsets can crack the market and enhance the mobile gaming experience.

With the demand for mobile gaming continuing to reach new highs and drive incredible revenues (it generated $40.6 billion globally in 2017 alone), it’s also fair to say that most manufacturers are now modifying their designs in order to create a superior experience for players.

In this post, we’ll also how they’re doing this and the design features that all gaming enthusiasts should look for.

1. Screen Size, Type and Resolution

In case you hadn’t noticed, modern smartphones boast increasingly large displays, and this is not solely due to gaming it certainly contributes to an enhanced experience.

In fact, handsets with screens that are 5.5-inches and larger offer an immediately superior visual proposition, particularly when combined with a minimal resolution of 1080p. You’d be hard pushed to find a smartphone with a lower resolution in the modern age, and this certainly lends itself to more immersive gameplay.

In terms of screen type, most devices have switched to AMOLED or IPS LCD displays in recent years, as these are the best suited to optimising graphics in terms of brightness, colour and viewing angles. This is an extremely important consideration for gamers, as even mobile titles boast exceptional graphics and fluid animations in the modern age.

2. Increased Battery Capacity and Dedicated Gaming Features

If you appraise the modern range of smartphones, you’ll see that many have benefited from advanced battery capabilities. More specifically, contemporary smartphone batteries boast an mAh of between 3,500 and 4,000, meaning that they have far greater longevity and impressive storage capacity.

This is particularly important if you’re a fan of real-money wagering and the type of games found through, as it enables you to enjoy extended gaming sessions without unplanned interruptions.

Battery technology is also set to evolve further in the next few years, with the development of nanobatteries offering more compact units and far greater levels of efficiency.

Manufacturers are also introducing a number of dedicated gaming features that helps players to optimise their extended battery life and enjoy a far superior experience. Samsung have developed their own Game Launcher and Game Tools features, for example, which have improved integration and the load times associated with apps and titles. Similarly, the OnePlus 5T features an innovative tools that have been designed specifically for gamers, including a ‘do not disturb mode’ which blocks notifications from appearing at the top of the screen when you’re in specified apps.

3. Higher Internal Storage Options

Whenever you buy a new smartphone, you can select from a range of internal storage options. The most popular selection is 64GB, but manufacturers have worked hard to develop a superior and varied specification that accommodates the needs of gamers.

More specifically, we’ve seen the introduction of 128GB and 256GB handsets, with these options enabling users to download a larger quantity of games and enjoy more seamless streaming capabilities.

The cost of your smartphone will increase incrementally as the amount of internal storage rises, with 256GB handsets the most costly on the market. For serious gamers, however, the increased investment tends to offer exceptional value for money as it makes it easier for them to indulge their pastime.

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  1. I completely agree with you for the fact that mobile games are multi billion dollar business . But then some are just too good to be integrated into mobile version while some are not jst too good to be made in Mobile version. My opinion though.

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